Indonesia – FOUR YEARS for ‘Desecrating Islam’

In the wake of President SBY’s demand for an ‘international protocol’ to suppress ‘defamation of religion,’ another Indonesian court has sentenced another victim to FOUR years for saying what he thinks about Islam.

A man named Sebastian Joe was given the harsh jail term at Ciamis, predictably in West Java, yesterday, to the delight of a mob of IslamoNazi FPI white-shirts.


Sidang Penistaan Agama Ditunda Majelis Hakim, Massa FPI Kecewa Berat!

Bigots on the March Against Free Thought


I had to go back through local media reports to check this case out, but it seems as mindless a prosecution as that which earned a harmless Shia cleric an identical sentence earlier this year, and recalls the injustice meted out to Alex A’an, the Sumatran atheist, in that Joe’s ‘crime’ arose from his Facebook posts.

All these cases are an indication of what SBY has in mind for the rest of us when he urged the United Nations to instigate an onslaught on freedom of expression on such matters a month or two ago.

It seems Joe’s ‘blasphemy’ consisted of ‘harassing and tarnishing the teachings of Islam, such as prayer and understanding of God.’ 

So said the FPI’s Co-ordinator of Cult Investigations, Ustad Heri. He was quoted thus in  in a report about Joe’s wife, who appeared before the bigots to ‘apologise’ for her husband’s transgressions.


Joe’s wife in grovel mode


She told the assembled fanatics how sorry she was if Joe had ‘hurt the Muslims’ by his Facebook writings.


It really makes you want to puke.

The exact circumstances of Joe’s arrest I’m still looking at, but it appears the police had to swoop when an Islamist mob descended on the “blasphemer’s” home. Metro TV reported at the time that it was raided by dozens of residents and students as well as scholars, concerned by alleged blasphemy and heresy…which often contained insulting words against God and Islam.

I doubt they were real scholars or students from anything normal people would recognise as an educational institution. More likely buffoons from local pesantren boarding schools.

But the tumult soon was muted after police went to the location and took Sebastian Joe directly, with a woman, to Ciamis Police HQ.

The kind of police state envisaged by that ‘protocol?’

Let’s hear Joe himself.

“I have not spoken publicly and my writing on Facebook is not an invitation, it is the right of every person to use one’s mind in addressing the situation.” He said when reading the defense.

One of Joe’s controversial statements is “God stingy and arrogant”  written in his Facebook status.

And it’s not just the white-shirt goons involved in his persecution. It’s the ghastly MUI, the state-sponsored Council of Indonesian Scholars, whose Ciamis Chair, Ahmad Hidayat, declared that the statement was clearly considered as desecrating Islam and insulting Allah and His Messenger. Those words also contradict denan Q.S. al_Ahzab verses 57-58. …
According to the prosecutor, Joe has been in violation of Article 156 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the spread of false information…

At least those Ciamis cops seem to have behaved more professionally than their scummy counterparts in Medan, when Alex was seized. He had already been beaten up by islamonazi elements there, but the good-for-nothing police there have to date not brought even one of his assailants to court.

SBY, undoubtedly concerned over such misconduct by the police, may well have intervened by asking the National Police Chief to order Sumatra’s laggard constabulary to arrest the thugs, but if so, nobody’s heard about it.

  • One wonders if his putative UN ‘protocol’ would be equally indifferent to vigilante sectarian hoodlums who flout the law.


Joe allegedly had quite a following, over a thousand, though whether these folk were actually ‘adherents’ in any theological sense or just Facebook friends is unclear.

Today they may be wondering how soon the Islamist bigot dragnet will spread to them.