America Stumbles Into Dead of Night

 Maybe not the…——————



Yet close enough!



But what was it Merle Haggard said, some while back?

Merle Haggard


Can’t quote exactly, but he said if nowadays we’re seeing the twilight of the West, soon we’re heading into dead of night.

Hence this belated offering of my thoughts, albeit penned at dead of night!

Almost all my Jakarta days are lively, and in all the years since I flew in, a refugee from winter’s icy grasp, I’ve never known depression.

But then, after an unexpectedly jolly weekend, which somehow rumbled on into Tuesday, I watched the dire tidings unfold.



  • I felt it a needful thing to go out and have a beer,  or more.Slow start today after a grim result yesterday.


Three out of four Marylanders who supported the ballot measure to allow same-sex marriage in the state also backed President Barack Obama…Washington Post.
Obviously –  if one endorses supremely un-American values, one votes for the Supreme Un-American!
And the Enemy of all that’s honourable is ensconced in the White House, for four more years, eagerly awaiting his chance to nominate more of his ilk to the Supreme Court.
That’s what will kill America, unless there’s a Second Revolution.
How has it come to this?
It would be facile just to blame Romney, who is a mere symptom.
He exemplifies what the RINO establishment loves, a ‘me-too’ mentality which speaks sense in the primaries then back-tracks, leaving voters baffled. And real conservatives disheartened.
The best elements in the American conservative movement, in the Tea Party etc., dutifully held their noses and did their best.
Anybody But Obama – rational, but hardly a winning slogan, since the ‘anybody’ was nobody’s idea of a conservative champion.
While not quintessentially evil like Obama, Romney was quite plainly more than a tad dodgy on issues of principle like deportation of illegals.
And the Republicans could have done so much with that issue  – look at the latest sell-out by The Enemy, the Sandy Amnesty, another waiver of the law by executive fiat, denying Congress and the States a chance to intervene…
But it isn’t all down to crimmigrants, any more than it is too Romney.
The WP story quoted above suggests the simplest explanation for the triumph of evil in the USA – there are simply a huge number of sick puppies around who are not so much hostile to basic standards of decency. but never got the hang of them in the first place.
They honestly believe that wrong is right and bad is good.
School indoctrination? No doubt. But since school? Obviously colleges are infested. And there’s the vacuous bigotry of the MSM.
But it all boils down to the harsh reality that, as Johnny Cash once sang, America, like the rest of the West, needs to re-discover something that it lost somewhere, somehow, along the way.
No use blaming the crimmigrants.
While there are a lot of illegal immigrant and other fraudulent voters, on their own they might swing some marginal states but could not possibly subvert such diverse parts of the nation as Maine, Maryland, and Washington State.
So don’t stare angrily at the foreign-looking geezer down the street – the problem is the people who look and ostensibly act like normal citizens but go out and vote against their country. 
Don’t leave them to regret it at their own speed – win the battle for hearts and minds.

God only knows what else will be inflicted on the USA over the next four years – one pro-perv spokesman said “This conversation doesn’t end tonight. It’s only just begun,” which is an insult to the decent Americans fired, persecuted and otherwise abused by the ‘gay’ gestapo, which doesn’t hold conversations – they wage war.

A war decent folk lost yesterday, in several states, AND in the White House!