Incandescent Islamist Holds Forth in ‘Scholars’ HQ

Al K! Not a Cheerful Chappy!


The notorious Muhammad Al Khathtath, Secretary General of the fanatical FUI (Muslim People’s Front), was provided with a platform by the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI, the government-sponsored outfit (heavily subsidised from the pockets of Indonesian tax-payers) to launch a typical tirade against Densus 88, the same government’s elite anti-terrorist unit, at the beginning of this month.


Nothing humble about the sumptuous MUI HQ


The good guys actually arrested the terrorist suspect, Nanto, in one of Jakarta’s best-known mosques, Masjid Baitul Karim, in Tanah Abang, not far from the HQ of the IslamoNazi FPI. during the Idul Adha observances. He was busily apportioning the meat from the sacrificed goats!


The Mosque in Tanah Abang


A certain degree of unease or even honest embarrassment might have been expected on the part of the local Islamic authorities, that the hunt for terrorists had brought Densus 88 into a mosque, but no, far from it.

With the sort of inverted ‘Islamophobia’ logic that Western folk have gotten bored listening to, the ghastly Al K (must stop calling him that – sounds like a slur on the great Detroit Tigers player, Al Kaline!) accused D88 of ‘damaging the image of Islam!

“This tarnishes the image of the Islamic movement and harms the institution of the police, which is right now suffering over the corruption issue.” he said, in the offices of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) last Thursday.

Khaththath added that the arrest in the mosque disrupted Muslim worship and that D88 clearly  terrorised mosque officials and worshippers. Moreover, the detainee didn’t do what he’s accused of. They didn’t find a bomb at his home or at his parents’ home.,

Silly cops – should just have asked Al to vouch for Nanto’s abhorrence of terrorism!

The rabid Islamist also asked that the Police safeguard Nanto’s health and safety. He further requested Muslim clerics and ‘ormas’ to stand united in the face of provocation.

Regular readers know that ormas are the so-called community organisations, namely riotous gangs like the IslamoNazi FPI and Al K’s own FUI (among many others)



Now all that garbage is about what one expects from the likes of a jihadist. Al Khathathth has a history of links to Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, the local wing of a body which hates Jews, democracy and the West (especially America) quite inordinately.

  • Alex the Atheist

A ferocious fanatic indeed –

BUT…a question arises.

Why was he allowed to spew out his Islamist bile on the premises of a government-sponsored, tax-payer-funded organisation like the MUI, which you’d think would be onside with the security forces in their struggle against terrorism?

Answer? Because he holds an important official position in the MUI.

And he still holds that job – deputy secretary of the MUI’s outreach committee.

Why has he not been sacked? Who gave him that job in the first place?

Those answers can’t be hard to find, especially if you’re President SBY, who has undertaken to eradicate terrorism and who has the power to turn off the financial tap to the MUI.