Savages in Scotland Stomp a Middle-Aged Man to Death – HANG THE SWINE!

The Scotsman on Friday told of two pieces of sub-human garbage who have been given life sentences for the “brutal and merciless” murder of a man outside his home.  

Two evil pigs Rehman and Ishaq


Asif Rehman, 20, and Adel Ishaq, 20, knocked William McKeeney unconscious and repeatedly stamped on his head and body in the street in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow on January 15.


It seems the victim, aged 57, was bringing home fish and chips to eat with his partner. She never got her fish and chips. Instead she got to see these two scum-bags from her window… the “ferocity” of the attack led Mr McKeeney’s girlfriend to believe they were breaking up a piece of furniture. It was not until she was able to get a better look that she realised it was a person.

Right. Now in any healthy society vermin like this would be put down. But in sick old Britain, they get away with a life sentence. Well, no, they don’t actually. 

At the High Court in Edinburgh, judge Lord Uist ordered Rehman to spend at least 16 years and three months behind bars while Ishaq was told he will be detained for a minimum of 16 years.

What the heck is wrong with this judge? He correctly decrees the maximum penalty, then makes justice a laughing stock by telling them they’ll be out on the prowl for more Scots blood in well under twenty years!?!

Some killings happen out of the blue, a flash of temper in a bar, a flash of a knife and the killer may well regret his folly. But he still needs punishment.


Sentencing Rehman, Lord Uist said…

“You have never earned a living and have pursued from the age of 14 a criminal lifestyle, involving the abuse of alcohol and drugs….” Rehman was convicted of assault in July last year and sentenced to a community payback order which he was still subject to at the time of the murder. He was also subject to a bail order, for which he received three months detention for breaking, meaning he will spend at least 16 years and three months behind bars….Lord Uist said Ishaq already had “a bad criminal record” which saw him previously detained for charges of assault, robbery and breach of the peace.

Never earned a living….assault…community pay-back order…a bail order… 

We see in Scots law (and it’s hardly different from England, Wales or Ulster’s law) a deranged landscape, where criminality goes unpunished,  where even taking a life in the most foul, cowardly and brutal way will never mean a life sentence…

Hang the Swine! It’s the LEAST they deserve.