United on Remembrance Day – Are We?


Hard not to post something on this very special of days, and sure enough, I chanced upon an item in the Khaleej Times, of all things, that provoked me to sit back down at the lap-top.

There is a Remembrance Service in Jakarta, but they don’t tell us where or when for security reasons, so there I was at home, recovering from an excellent weekend, listening to dangdut music from the wedding down the street and considering a special post to mark RRA reaching 350,000 hits.

But then the Khaleej Times popped up.

An obscure medium, and the writer therein must be obscure too – I’ve never heard of him. Or should I have? His name’s Neil Berry.

No idea if he’s British, but if so, he shouldn’t be. He foists exactly the sort of mewling pink pap on his readers that makes decent Brits want to spit.

Have a sample.

EVERY NOVEMBER, the national loyalty of UK Muslims is at risk of suffering fresh scrutiny…there may be Muslims not alienated by Britain’s annual ritual of remembrance…

Huh? Is this guy an Islamophobe? What a way to start – if he had respect and goodwill towards Muslims in Britain, he’d be writing something quite different, more like =

There may be Muslims who do not share the spirit of Britain’s annual ritual of remembrance.

THAT would indicate that most Muslims, like British people of every creed and colour, are patriots.

HIS sentence immediately suggests that a significant percentage are at odds with the sense of solidarity and loyalty to Queen and Country which permeates the UK on 11th November.

If that were so, then mass deportation would be an essential national project.

And indeed, Berry goes on to imply that numerous Muslims are on our enemy’s side.

Although he admits that there are Muslims serving in the armed forces, many, however, are bound to feel uncomfortable about the poppy cult…

Let’s skip his contemptible use of the word ‘cult.’

Uncomfortable?  Not the decent Ahmadis, good citizens in the West as they are here in Indonesia, though here the government persecutes them relentlessly.

Mississauga is on the list of nation-wide Remembrance Day tributes this Thursday that will be hosted by a Muslim-Canadian charitable organization.


The Ahmadiyya poppy appeal      The Ahmadiyya Poppy Appeal in the UK

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Canada will present the Muslims for Remembrance campaign…teaming up with Canadian legions, the campaign will collect donations, spread awareness about the importance of Remembrance Day and set the record straight on how Muslims are loyal to Canada, said Rizwan Rabbani, executive assistant for the campaign. http://www.mississauga.com/community/article/1530910–muslims-for-remembrance-campaign-comes-to-mississauga
“The objective of this campaign is to show our support and loyalty to our troops and to the veterans that have died for Canada,” said Rabbani.

And it is a fact that Ahmadiyah in the UK are also loyal citizens. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/but-they-arent-really-muslims/

So Berry must be talking about others, real ratbags, who don’t ‘feel uncomfortable’ with Remembrance

Why does patriotism bring discomfort for some? Who are they? Whose side are they on?

…it increasingly seems poppies are being worn as a badge of patriotism that signals solidarity with British men and women who are fighting Muslims in Afghanistan.

Who gives a monkey’s what religion the savages we’re fighting there adhere to? Did English and Scots Catholics in 1940 decline to go to war because Italy was full of their co-religionists?.

Any Muslim ( and indeed any Christian, Hindu or Buddhist) who puts sectarian solidarity before patriotic duty is a dirty dog. They should be booted out and told to join the Taliban, so good British soldiers of all creeds and colours can be authorised to shoot them.

Here’s a photo of some dirty dogs.


Anti: Muslim protesters burn a poppy at a Muslims against Remembrance Day protest last year
No Respect      –     Sharia Swine Burn Poppies 2010


In recent years, there has been more than one instance of British Muslims burning poppies to protest against the presence of British soldiers there, in the process precipitating widespread outrage.

Among the people. Most politicans make polite noises of disapproval but don’t make moves to have the vermin expelled.

Reading on, we discover his article is meant to be a book review, of a work by an author whose views appear to echo Berry’s own, a load of hogwash about how the ‘issue’ – this refers to actual or perceived disloyalty displayed by certain Muslims during the Poppy events – has huge implications for Britain as a post-imperial, multi-ethnic society.

All together now – GROAN!

There is one valid point in the screed, that Cameron’s plans to commemorate the outbreak of WW! in 2014 do not – so far – include the participation of those — Indians, Afro-Caribbeans and Arabs among them — who fought on Britain’s behalf in what was a war in defence of the British Empire as much as of Britain itself.

Everyone who fought the good fight should be remembered, no matter regular or colonial troops, no matter race or religion. But then we get dragged down pinko alley again.

It is not clear what form these events will take, but there seems a danger that they could acquire a wholly inappropriate celebratory tone.

Who won the war, for pity’s sake?

Berry’s line recalls the fools who did not want a ‘triumphalist’ celebration after the Falklands were liberated from the Argies. Pusillanimous peaceniks, who have fears that the way Britain remembers war could become bitterly divisive,

It will only be divisive if immigrants fail to get on board and learn to  BE British. If they can’t or won’t, best they leave or get kicked out.

I’m not even going to mention the book Berry reviews. Its author sounds to be a nauseating creep, who recommends not least the discontinuation of the laying of wreaths at London’s prime monument to the war dead, the Cenotaph, by image-conscious party political leaders.

One can’t know for sure what goes on in the minds of the politicians who appear at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. But we who watch them doing the right thing are content that for once, by honouring the heroes, they represent the rest of us.

If Berry and Co. don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. And if aliens who make a choice to settle in the UK don’t like it, then B#GG#R OFF