Albright’s Outrageous Endorsement of EUSSR

Madeleine Albright

The Scotsman reports that Clinton’s erstwhile international hit-woman, Madeleine Albright has voiced concerns about independence as she warned that Scotland leaving the UK could lead to a more “fragmented” Europe.

Albright was Big Bill’s secretary of state once upon a time, but should really not be intruding on an internal UK debate.

Even given that, her comments are likely to antagonise the huge number of citizens, a plurality if not a majority by now – who fervently desire a more ‘fragmented’ Europe, viz., an end to the EUSSR’s supranational control of UK affairs.

The Scotsman observes that her sticky-beak words are a high-profile criticism of nationalism within Europe.

She sugar-coated her interference by stating the obvious, that  historically nations were better off “where we were co-operating more,” a facile statement which ignores the truth of Brussels rule, in which sensible co-operation has long since been replaced by diktat, on all manner of jurisdictions which are properly the preserve of sovereign governments.

The woman is no ignoramus, so must have been aware that her other words,  about lessons learned from the Second World War, were gratuitously offensive.

She surely knows that the EUSSR was inspired and launched by politicians who lauded national socialism (Beligum’s Spaak) and collaborated with the Vichy authorities in France (Schumann)

Those are the lessons from WW2, which ought to be made better known.

Fresh from helping Obama hold onto power in the USA, with an agenda clearly hostile to governments enjoying the right to determine their own domestic policies, she also said,”… the point is how strong can a EU be…”

Well, we know how strong the Eurocrats want it to be.

The EU commission will eventually become a government, the council of member states an “upper chamber” and the European Parliament will be more powerful, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Brussels.

Again, my interpretation of Albright’s remarks, which my numerous critics might put down to my conservative stance on most evetything, was instantly confirmed by the Scotsman journo. (The Scotsman is not noted for giving much space to rightwing opinions!)

Mrs Albright, a former US ambassador to the United Nations, appeared to suggest the creation of newly-independent nations was against historical trends. “It is counter to where people were going….”

Tell that to Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians,  Croats and Slovenes!

Anyhow, at once the SNP separatists and their unionist opponents went off on their tangents, as if EUSSR membership were some sort of prize rather than an albatross round each nation’s neck. But they miss the point.

People, she said!?! Since when has the Eurocrat elite given a tinker’s cuss about people.

They had their henchmen in Paris and The Hague flout their people’s referendum decisions against the EuroCon, they had Snake Cameron renege bare-facedly on his pledge to consult the British people.

And when the Greek Government dared suggest a referendum on the EU siezure of power there, they went nuts and had the PM rapidly replaced with even more pliant puppets.

Every time a treaty change is contemplated, we read how deftly they manoeuvre to preclude referenda.

The people? Come off it, Albright.

Maybe if she’d been around in 1776, she’d have argued against the Declaration of Independence!