Terror 'Cleric' Stays in UK – Cameron and Co Humiliated!

  • File picture shows radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada being driven away to jail from the High Court in London on April 17, 2012. British judges on Monday upheld an appeal by terror suspect Qatada against his extradition to Jordan, a decision immediately condemned by the government in LondonAbu Qatada============

Rabid Islamist ‘cleric,’ Al Qatada, described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe, is still in the UK, after a court in London stopped his deportation  – the latest humiliation for Cameron’s Government, and undoubteldy set to boost the cost of the legal battle to UK tax-payers to even more than £1 million pounds already incurred.Much of this was down to the interference of the ECHR, the arrogant EuroCourt to which Cameron still grovels.



The pathetic  judges, Mitting, Lane and Holt, offered no justification for their ruling except for their belief that the scumbag won’t get a ‘fair trial’ in Jordan, which wants to put him on trial. They even admitted that he will not face ill-treatment or torture, but still let the swine stay on a legal technicality, that previous evidence obtained by torture would not be admitted at any retrial.


  • May, might, perhaps…
  • —–
  • Britain had moved to send him to Jordan after interior minister Theresa May was given assurances by the Jordanian authorities that no evidence gained through torture would be used against him in a retrial on his return.

Effectively, this irresponsible court is saying the  truly dangerous individual at the centre in the United Kingdom of terrorist activities associated with al-Qaida. (another court’s description) will never be expelled, for if they won’t accept the word of a sovereign and friendly power, there’s no way he’ll ever get aboard a plane!

  • May now says she’ll appeal.

I suspect that most Brits don’t give a damn about what kind of trial he gets. Fact is, if the Jordanians dragged him onto the tarmac at Amman airport and put a bullet in the back of his neck, the world would be a cleaner place.

  • If Cameron had grit and guts, he’d introduce emergency legislation, a one-line bill, to expedite this expulsion, repealing the section of the law that allowed this idiotic decree to be promulgated by unelected twits.

But he won’t.