Another Leftist Bid to Derail RRA Progress

Readers of the original RRA blog will remember all to well how it was sabotaged by a snotty two-faced creep.

We learned our lesson and decided not to operate under the auspices of anyone else’s “domain” – the lying swine even said after blocking us that we could access RRA anytime, while simultaneously maintaining his blockade! – and since then we have gone from strength to strength.



Here’s a recent map of our coverage.

Suddenly, today, the Facebook Geekstapo disabled Ross’s Facebook account, no explanation or excuse, and so far have failed to answer our prompt demand for such.

They have been behaving suspiciously recently, demanding we identify various friends’ photos as a ‘security check,’ then, when IDs were carried out easily, this – another ‘security check’ which demanded a mobile phone number, sent a code to the mobile, but when the code was entered quite correctly, ZAP.

These leftist vermin have no principles, not even the guts to admit they are politically motivated.

I know they’ve had ‘reports of abuse’ against us – again FB refuses even to specify the words complained about – but the only people we ‘abuse’ are undesirables like crimmigrants, IslamoNazis, etc.

FB’s blatant bias is on display once more.

FB also famously deleted the video of the Cikeusik Pogrom from Ross’s personal page – covering up for their pets’ atrocities – so what can one say.

Know your enemy, again!


Obviously FB activity has generated a lot of RRA readership and this censorship will be a set-back, temporary, of course, in our constant expansion, which we noted yesterday had reached a total of 350,000 hits.




In the meantime, fans who use FB could help by explaining on their pages why RRA visibility has waned overnight, and asking all other FB users to re-post our blog articles on their favourite rightwing pages, explaining the censorship and urging folks to come straight to RRA and register, or at least visit regularly.