Sanity or Shariah – West Java’s Election Choice?

Wasn’t sure if or when to use this, but by chance today I was walking through Pondok Indah, on my way to Fatmawati, when lo, I saw this poster. The slogan says Indonesia without Discrimination, and the pretty lady was the very person I’d been writing about the night before!

A sign!


An actress and an anti-corruption activist may offer the decent people of West Java an alternative – at last – to the shariah swamp-voices that are more often heard in their province.

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, the party of former president Megawati, has nominated Dyah Rieke Pitaloka as candidate for Governor in next year’s eletions.

The incumbent, Ahmad Heryawan, is a fanatic Islamist from the PKS party, who has readily stomped religious liberty with a ban on the innocent Ahmadi minority. He has also failed totally to take action on behalf of the persecuted Christians in Bogor and Bekasi.


  • Ahmad Heryawan
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  • Having read that news, I ran her through the search, and while I’ve not yet found any words of hers relating to such issues, a very impressive report on her husband did pop up.


Rieke Dyah


It’s of course true that spouses do not always see eye to eye on every issue, but given her ambitions, it’s unlikely her man would have been out-spoken without at least her tacit approval.

His name’s Donny Gahral Adian, he’s a lecturer at the University of Indonesia, and he spoke up when Islamist hoodlums martyred those three Ahmadis at Cikeusik, on 6th February 2011.

Government.indecisiveness should be considered as the main factor causing the occurrence of a number of attacks on followers of the Ahmadiyah congregation, including the incident in Cikeusik, One solution to resolve this polemic is to haul in the mastermind and perpetrators of attacks on Ahmadiyah followers.

“I want to highlight why this happens repeatedly. It requires firmness by law enforcement, all perpetrators into court,” said Donny (8th February 2011).

Not only that, Donny also requested that the Islamic mass organizations always behaving anarchistically be dissolved, in anticipation of further attacks in the future.

“The perpetrators of any organization which is again and again into violence, due to their beliefs, should be dissolved.”


So does that mean his wife will act on similar principles if elected?

Who knows, but there are many decent folk in West Java who would welcome a breath of fresh air after the fetid bigot atmosphere under Heryawan. FPI thuggery has been rife, and one city, Tasikmalaya, has even declared shariah law.

 Meanwhile, her running-mate, Teten Masduki, noted for his similarly outspoken attacks on corruption, has said the issue of religious conflict needs to be given ‘serious attention.’

If religious problems continue to occur, the government’s energy will be drained. “If the government’s energy is drained for things like that, when can we sort out economic and other issues,” he said.
Well, he too sounds like he has some hold on the real world, rather than the shariah-freak fantasies that motivate some other politicians.

Anyway, I got more and more curious, and soon found a report in Suara Islam – yep! – of a confrontation between Islamonazis and Rieke. She had gone to the scene of a big fire in East Jakarta and soon sent word that she was facing ormas activists. “They shouted Allahu Akbar, so yes, I also said Allahu Akbar,” The mob which approached her numbered more than 20 people and “they were very emotional – one even came right up to me…

I was asked to leave at once but I would have liked to dialogue with them. We need dialogue not violence to address our differences,


FPI’s evil Sobri Lubis


The same report had Lubis, Secretary General of the IslamoNazi FPI, infamous for his incitement to murder Ahmadis (of course not prosecuted by the gutless police) who denied his mob were involved – ‘it was the fire victims that rejected her,’ he said.–Sekjen-FPI–Rieke-Cari-Masalah,-Mau-Berpolitik-di-Lokasi-Kebakaran.html

Better and better, this Rieke. You can tell who’s a goodie if the baddies don’t like them!


And she and her deputy have donned Jokowi shirts.