Aceh Evil Claims More Victims – ‘Heretics’ Burned to Death!

In a shocking sectarian attack which evokes memories of the Cikeusik Pogrom two years ago, a rabid Islamist rabble attacked and murdered three men in an Aceh village last Friday.

Two of the victims were apparently burned alive, according to a Jakarta Post report.

the attack was aimed at the house of Tengku Aiyub Syakuban, 60, after he was accused of disseminating heretical teachings.

The three victims were identified as Aiyub; Muntasir, 26, a residentof Puuk village in Peulimbang; and Manyur, 35, a resident of Lancok Bungon village in Peulimbang. Both Aiyub and Muntasir were reportedly burned alive during the attack.

The report illustrates all too well the primitive mentality that permeates Achenese society, where shariah law rules (or rather misules)

Aiyub had decided to use the brain God gave him to question various aspects of state-imposed Islamic dogma, and had been bullied into recanting. However, he evidently decided to resume thinking for himself, and this provoked anger among the residents.

The savages, having decided to attack him at his house…became increasingly angry and forced their way into the house, only to face an unexpected counterattack once inside.

Huh? An unexpected counter-attack? Surely defending your life and property is not a counter attack but legitimate self-defence?

So are the police going to bring in the sectarian scum for trial? Three innocent men have been horribly slain, after all.

“Due to the counterattack from Aiyub’s followers, the masses were enraged, so they acted blindly,” Aceh Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Gustav Leo said Saturday.


The scene of the savagery


Bireuen Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Yuri Karsono said that the police officers were still conducting an investigation into the case.
“The situation last night was tense. No security officers could enter the incident site or evacuate the victims, let alone ask for information. Now, however, the condition has increasingly returned to normal and we hope there will not be any new clashes.”

Now listen to this. I don’t know where this journo comes from, but he has a very peculiar turn of phrase.

The attack took place as residents reached a breaking point in their tolerance for Aiyub’s alleged heretical teachings…

Tolerance? The swine don’t know the meaning of the word!

Breaking point?  If I reach breaking point in a disagreement with some guy I’m arguing with, about religion or politics, I might walk out and go to another bar.Some people I know might even take a swing at somebody disputing cherished points of view.

Normal human beings do not invade homes and incinerate innocent neighbours for holding divergent opinions.

The attackers should be identified, arrested, tried and executed, That might discourage further Islamist barbarism.

Oya, maybe you want to know what Aiyub’s heresy comprised, that brought about this vile crime?

…the Koran was incomplete, the holding of prayers in dark locations,  the performance of Friday prayers was not obligatory for men and that sexual intercourse out of wedlock was permissible

My Grandma would have agreed that the last point is Beyond the Pale.

But she wouldn’t have burned anyone to death.

It’s about time some of these Islamist ignoramuses were made to undergo psychiatric treatment, until they understand that not everyone concurs with shariah ideology and that anyone who does not concur is entitled, in a democratic society, to say so.


Indonesia, as we all know, prides itself on being the ‘world’s largest Muslim democracy.’