IslamoNazis Battle Jakarta Cops, Whilst Urging Them to Join Gaza Jihad! reported last nght that the notorious IslamoNazi group, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) has been urging Jakarta’s police to work together with them to liberate Gaza by jihad. This arguably seditious invitation formed part of a demo outside the U.S. Embassy on Friday afternoon.



FPI ‘commander’ Munarman asserted their determination to conduct jihad in Gaza was whole-hearted and they are organising a new outfit called Laskar Jihad Gaza.

“We are not afraid of BPNT (National Agency for Combating Terrorism), we are not afraid of Densus ( that’s Densus 88, the security forces’ elite anti-terror unit)


Munarman ( in cute hat) on a previous jolly outing


  • We will continue to prepare jihad,” said Munarman.

His minions were seen handing out green and white application forms to the demonstrators and street-traders at the scene.merchants, calling for readiness to die in the cause of Allah.

Demo Anti-Israel, FPI Malang Bakar Bendera AS ==================

The officers on duty may have become disinclined to join the jihad after themselves coming under attack by the fanatic mob – this erupted when two men allegedly carrying bottles of ‘burning liquid’ were arrested as the cops tried to control the rabble. Here’s a link to a Mtero TV video of the mayhem.

Elsewhere, in Malang, East Java, IslamoNazis were indulging in another favourite pastime, flag-burning. Their local Gauleiter, Salahuddin, declared he already had 15 volunteers to depart for Gaza, and condemned the Indonesian Government for just watching. They should be sending Armed Forces personnel to help.

That’s not going to happen.

But we should nevertheless applaud any plans that would remove FPI thugs from Indonesia.

Facing the israeli Defence Force would be a character-forming experience somewhat more telling than beating up cafe-owners and intimidating office-workers, where indeed the IslamoNazis have shown their mettle on numerous occasions.,