Idle Slugs Caught Out Again? Go, Jokowi, Go!

I do begin to fear for our new Governor – he is doing such a good job that the rotten bureaucracy he presides over will be mulling over how to undermine him.

Once again on Friday he carried out a snap inspection of a local government office, this time in Setia Budi, smack in the middle of the city, and found half the slackers hadn’t shown up for work on time. (Not for the first time – see )

Not only that, but the head of the branch, a certain Makmur, STILL hadn’t arrived when Jokowi had to leave for a meeting with President SBY in the nearby Shahid Jaya Hotel.

Joko showed up announced at 7:30 a.m. at the Setiabudi subdistrict office in South Jakarta, but found half the workers absent, including Makmur H.N., the subdistrict chief…The governor spent a whole hour touring the office before leaving at 8:30 a.m. Makmur had still not arrived by then.

Now we mustn’t jump to conclusions. Maybe Makmur had an accident or a family emergency.  But clearly, if no such acceptable excuse is submitted convincingly, he should be fired.

Traffic is indeed terrible in Jakarta, but any responsible person knows that and leaves early enough to get to work, albeit that has meant me arising before day-break, not nice especially for night-owls like myself, but that’s what you do here!

Agreeably, Jokowi is making it clear he’s no mug.

“This is excellent. It’s 8:30 and he still hasn’t shown up at the office. Really excellent,” Joko said in a sarcastic tone.
The work day for government offices is supposed to begin at 7:30 a.m.


Jokwi and Ahok


And it gets better. Ahok, aka Deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, has said they’re having CCTV cameras installed in every subdistrict and ward office as well as at community health centers, providing a direct feed right back to City Hall…. to allow him and Joko to more closely monitor government offices in an effort to ensure officials were improving the quality of public services.

It’s a pity the reputation of these uniformed flunkeys is such that such steps are required, but most Jakartans will be delighted.

The sooner the dead wood is identified and cleared out, the better will city government serve the people, and the faster will honest and industrious officers replace the lousy idlers.


PS   Given some of the comments I’ve had on my criticisms of bad aspects of life here over the past few days, no doubt I’ll now be told not to be rude to our ‘hosts’ by slagging off slackers.


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