JLo in Jakarta – No Nazis, But Intimations of Appeasement


Hey, JLo came to town last week!

The beautiful, if somewhat politically eccentric, actress performed splendidly according to all reports, and not a single IslamoNazi showed up to disrupt the event, despite the FPI’s alleged declaration of intent to do so.

Whether this was due to their having other fish to fry, perhaps assisting the police to bring to justice those dreadful ‘thugs’ who bashed and spat on thier storm-troop leader last week, or to their satisfaction that Jennifer L. had dressed down suitably, I don’t know. Nothing in the local media about their absence.

It might of course have been that they feared offending the brave Nikita Mirzani, who spoke up for JLo’s right to entertain her fans, but who knows? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/islamonazis-in-a-tizzy-over-j-los-private-parts/

Mention of Nikita gives me an excuse to re-post her photo!


But there was in the local media some considerable mention of JLo’s costume. Kompas.com. quoted the organiser-

“The concert will be the same as those in Helsinki and the costume almost the same as in KL  But there is some of her outfit which will be modified a little in order to respect the culture of Indonesia.”


So you will by now have realised that the picture at the top of this post was taken at JLo’s Shanghai concert.




I’m not sure what they clad her in for Jakarta, but undoubtedly she still looked fine.

However, that odd phrase, the culture of Indonesia, conjures up strange images of what other stellar guests may don for their concerts. Given that there is no single culture here, but rather a wide variety of cultures, and costumes, will we have to watch Morrissey, for example, on his next tour, prancing around the stage in a Papuan penis-sheath?

Unlikely, I fervently hope.

But the idea that Indonesia is a drab monochrome place populated by dour Islamists who shrink in horror from sexy dresses is a repulsive nonsense.

Javanese kebayas, exposing smooth brown shoulders, are doubtless repugnant to the FPI’s sectarian brutes, and Lord knows what they’d make of those islanders off Sumatra whose womenfolk go topless (as did Bali’s, within living memory – when I first went there in 1985, I spotted one Balinese dame still dressing in that mode, but she was about seventy, so I didn’t ogle shamelessly!)

Unfortunately, the grim hand of intolerance is tightening its grip. I may have mentioned the moronic Trans TV practice of imposing a fuzzy rectangle on our screens when even a few centimetres of cleavage appears in a movie.




There was a horror film on Friday night, the opening scene showing a poor lassie dragged into a fish-pond by a hellish hand. Our last glimpse of her was as she bent down to see what was beneath the surface, and her blouse at once sprouted said fuzzy rectangle. 

Like I said, there could not have been more than half an inch of cleavage visible, but such is the idiotic climate of censorship in some of the media that it had to be obscured!

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Improbable. Fans know her style and bought tickets accordingly.

So why pander to the prigs?