Christmas Worship ‘Offends Muslims!’ – IslamoNazis Warn reported 20/12 that Central Java Police have vowed to crack down on those who attempt to disrupt the celebration of Christmas 2012 in Central Java.

Excellent news, but who would want to disrupt it?

Yep, you’ve guessed already, the country’s most notorious hate-group, the ‘Islam Defenders Front,’ the FPI!

All too often, police have stood back and alllowed Islamist mobs to harass and hound harmless minorities who simply seek to worship in their own way, as guaranteed by Indonesia’s Constitution.

But refreshingly, Central Java Police HQ seem determined not to allow these white-shirts to drag the country’s reputation further into the mire.

The cops’ PR chief, Djihartono, spoke up responsibly – “We will act strictly in accordance with applicable law, our target being that implementation of Christmas should run smoothly and safely.”

The FPI is outraged that an open-air service is planned for Sidomulyo Square, in Ungaran. The local FPI Gauleiter has denounced the plan as ‘excessive tolerance,’ because there is a local mosque also situated on the square!



Ungaran Mosque – looks sturdy enough not to collapse at the sound of carols!


As ever, the fanatics have been shrilling about the Christtan presence ‘offending Muslims.’

So easily offended! By a prayer or a carol? So sensitive – or rather how nasty and mean-spirited, the fanatic foes of freedom.

Good to hear the cops are ready.

“The police are ready to secure Christmas celebrations anywhere, either in the church or on the square, so people get to worship in peace…if the FPI plans to hold lectures on the same day,..ya, go ahead, we will secure both events. If  both proceed in an orderly manner, that can actually be a good example of tolerance, Hopefully it will be like that, because we do have to respect each other,”

What a sensible statement. So true. But can the FPI do anything at all without letting their hateful mind-set intrude?




Listen to Gauleiter Jindan Bahrul!

Jindan added they’ll perform recitals in the Great Mosque of Ungaran from Christmas Eve, to thwart the celebration of Christmas at Sidomulyo Square. “There are lots of places they could celebrate…better they shift to somewhere else rather than offend Muslims.'”