Thwarted IslamoNazis Rage Against Minority Rights

In excelsis Deo, glory to God in the highest, as the hymn has it, and as the forces of evil gnash their fanatic teeth and rail in the aftermath of a glorious victory for religious liberty!
FPI Jateng Akan Gugat Bupati Semarang
This from KOMPAS.comFPI Central Java feel wronged by the holding of a Christmas service at Sidomulyo Square, Ungaran,
These foul IslamoNazi bigots were thwarted when the police and Semarang regency announced that the Christmas worship was being moved to the official residence of the Regent of Semarang’s marquee, located just east of the square.
“Not that we backed out, but we heard the Christmas event was shifted, so we asked our 2000 members to withdraw.   However it turns out their Christmas went ahead. We feel wronged,” said Jindan.
What can one say but YIPPPEEE!
Furthermore, FPI will take legal action against the Regent on the basis of religious defamation, for having issued permits for Christmas worship in the forefront of the mosque…“We will sue in law or political channels through the Provincial Parliament to investigate the issue.’
What a pathetic hate-monger Jindan is!
Everyone knows what Indonesia would be like if he and his ilk ever got their hands on the levers of power here. Shariah cess=pool, for sure, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, everyone reduced to dhimmi subservience. Thanks be for decent Muslims who understand Indonesia’s constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion.
But listen to the frothing savage!
…beginning in 2013 we will stage further action related to this issue. We invite all elements of the community and local government to open dialogue about the Christmas show at the front of the mosque. Actually there are many other places that could have been used. We suspect there is a certain purpose,” said Jindan.
This ignoramus brays like the ass he is, and given the good sense of the authorities in Semarang, who clearly have no ‘purpose’ other than to enforce their ctiizens’ rights, it will be interesting to see how far the A-hole gets with his whining, hate-laden ‘dialogue.’
PS let’s not pick on the FPI alone – they are neither better nor worse than another bigot gang styling itself the GPK, the Ka’aba Youth Movement. Here’s the mangy drip who speaks for them, Arip Widiyanto. 
…although Christmas service activities in the field owned by Semarang regency government held in front of the Grand Mosque Ungaran are not against the law, it is considered unethical and hurts the feelings of Muslims.
Only a complete moron would suggest that proximity of a Christmas service would ‘hurt the feelings’ of anyone except Satanists.