Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians

Well, so  long, Christmas, till next year!

But while I was out having one of the most enjoyable holidays I can recall, the Islamist primitives of Tambun, West Java, were out too, wallowing in the vile bigotry that is their hall-mark.


tambun pigs


As you’d expect, I was paying scant attention to the news on Christmas Day, so when I took a longer look at my laptop today, I was shocked (but not really surprised. alas) to read that ‘more than 200 Indonesian Muslims threw rotten eggs at Christians wanting to hold a Christmas mass….’ Jakarta Globe

Yes, we’re back in Bekasi, in the Tambun district where the local authority has been persecuting the HKBP Filadelfia (Batak Christian Protestants) for years, at the behest of filthy savages. Harsh words, Ross? (bearing in mind I’ve been chided for calling primtives ‘primitives’ by one expat lefty)  How else to describe creatures who resumed their fave pastime of pelting innocent people with urine and rotten eggs on Christmas Eve, continuing into Christmas Day.

An AFP photographer witnessed furious locals — men and women wearing Muslim headscarf, with small children in tow — physically blocking the road and throwing rotten eggs at the gathering worshippers.

The collusion, or cowardice, of the Bekasi cops made nonsense of National Police Chief Timor Pradopo’s assertion that his forces would secure the right to worship of all citizens.


Bekasi Police were there in large numbers, but their commander, Andri Ananta, said police managed to convince the Christians to drop their plan and return home.
“We tried our best to avoid any clash and the Christians agreed to leave,” he said, adding 380 police and military personnel including an anti-riot squad were deployed to the area.




What a pathetic apology for a law enforcement officer. Nearly 400 armed, trained men under his control, but he knuckles under to sectarian scum and gets their VICTIMS to disperse.

But we know of Andri already! https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/off-with-his-head-jakarta-cops-no-sweat-on-murder-threat/

Will his big boss, Pradopo, have Andri fired, or in any way disciplined, even, for this disgusting dereliction of duty?



Don’t hold your breath. Here’s our famous photo of Pradopo taking tea with the Islamonazi hate-group, the FPI…

pradopo murhali


…and another  of him in jolly company wth that hate-group’s outstandingly nasty Bekasi Gauleiter, Barda.

Faced with Islamist hoodlumism, is it any wonder that Pradopo prattles about securing citizens’ rights to perform their religious observances but takes no action when his Bekasi subordinates allow the Tambun trash to score yet another victory for intolerance?


Pdt. Palti

Pastor Palti


Only a day ago we focused on the stoical courage of HKBP’s Reverend Palti Panjaitan, who once more led his flock at Tambun where the incident came after a Christmas Eve attack on Monday evening when “intolerant people” threw not only rotten eggs but plastic bags filled with urine and cow dung at them.

And as ever, he didn’t hesitate to place the blame where it clearly belongs.

“Everything had happened while police were there. They were just watching without doing anything to stop them from harming us.”

Ckeck out our links (above and here https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/christs-ascension-day-islamist-savages-pelt-congregation-with-sewage-urine-and-rocks/) to previous posts on this issue, which reveal the utter lack of the rule of law in West Java. As the JG notes, Indonesia’s country’s high court last year overruled the district government’s 2009 decision, but constant intimidation from Muslims in the area has delayed the church’s construction, church officials said.

And what, pray, has Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, got to say about all this?


  • surya Ali
  • ==================================
  • Merdeka.com, unlike the JG, got an enlightening quote from Ali. The Arch=Bigot of Jakarta, evidently oblivous to the rulings of the nation’s highest courts, is still rabbiting on about how it’s a matter of building permits. And how dare those naughty Christians appeal to their country’s President for justice!

“Don’t bring a problem re a house of worship into the political arena,” said Suryadharma…if the issue has gone to the extent of demonstrations at the Palace, it proves there’s political intent …‘Do not make a fuss like this. No good. It can lead to misunderstandings,” said Suryadarma.

Season of goodwill or not (and it’s obviously not, as far as that asinine politician is concerned) I almost wish I had access to the good old gun-rack that hung beside the wood-shed in our Ontario farm-house.