Jakarta Muslims Scorn Bigotry, Queue for Christmas Lunch

All too often, RRA gives you news of horrendous bigotry, almost always on the part of Muslims, at least in Indonesia.

But in fact, millions of Indonesian Muslims abhor the nasty, narrow interpretation of their creed manifested by thug gangs like the FPI and enunciated by self-styled ‘scholars’ like those in the MUI who know nothing except dogmatic texts.

I see them, lunch with them, travel with them, chat to them every single day. They’re just like you and me!

The Jakarta Globe carried news of that largely ignored proportion of the population and I’m delighted to give you a few extracts.

On Christmas Day, Muslims and Christians, from scavengers to affluent residents, were lining up to extend holiday greetings to Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama at his official residence in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

ahok Ahok

The deputy governor — the first Christian of Chinese-descent to take a top job in the capital city since 1965 — hosted an open house to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ despite a mostly unheeded edict from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Muslims not to wish Christians a happy Christmas let alone take part in festivities.




The MUI had said wishing a happy Christmas was akin to confirming the “misguided” teachings of Christianity.

“If other officials do it every Lebaran [the Idul Fitri Islamic holiday], I will do it on Christmas!”

Now you might choose to be cynical, and say that the prospect of a free feed of Jakartan goodies like chicken satay, soto Betawi (beef and coconut milk soup) and meatballs lured all these folk but that’s unfair.

Desperately poor people might, just might, forget their spiritual mentors long enough to indulge in a decent meal, but the report clearly states people of all classes attended.

  • jokowi-twitter Jokowi
  • ————————–
  • And the Governor, a normal, sensible man named Joko Widodo, a Muslim, of course, was there too, with his family and also Muslim former Governor Sutiyoso and many Muslim dignitaries.

Stick that in your bigot pipe, MUI, and smoke it till you’re sick!

Nor was decency on show only in Jakarta.

Out there in the provinces – not in the shariah cess-pool of West Java, true – civilised behaviour put the Bogor and Bekasi morons to shame.

  • yogyakarta
  • In Jogjakarta, for instance, the Sultan, another prominent Muslim, went out of his way to bolster the forces of light, sending his son-in-law, Prince Wironegoro, to the Santo Antonius Church in Kota Baru and the Javanese Christian Church (GKJ) Sawo Jajar in Gondokusuman.

“On behalf of the Yogyakarta Palace we convey a Merry Christmas to you all,” HRH said.


So there you go!

Live here long enough and you’ll know your enemies, or rather the actual enemies of this lovely country you live in.

Islamists are no friend to any country. It’s part and parcel of their subversive ummat ideology to put sectarian allegiance before loyalty to their own.

Put them down or kick them out.