Tears That Cry to Heaven – More Christians Denied Religious Liberty in W.Java

Liputan6.com reports that once more the congregation of Yasmin Church in Bogor were blocked by a civic militia (Satpol PP) goon-squad from entering their church.

Acting as enforcers for Islamist bigot Mayor Diani, these ‘para-police’ prevented the Christians even approaching the sealed building, resulting in a brief melee as some of the exasperated Protestants strove to break through and exercise their court-upheld right to worship.




Verbal exchanges escalated and when negotiations broke down, a number of Yasmin’s congregants, perhaps not surprisingly many of them women – Indonesian women are often formidable – did their best to get past the goons.

Alas, they did not prevail, and the plan to celebrate Christmas in their church had to be cancelled. The victims of this monstrous Islamist persecution had to hold their service on the public highway, ‘amid uncontrollable weeping,‘as Liputan reported.


Another report, from Beritasatu.com, tells how some 70 members of Yasmin, much like their counterparts in Communist tyrannies or even ancient Rome, eventually had to hold their Christmas Eve worship clandestinely, in a house less than a kilometer from the sealed church. The service ran from 8 till 10pm…adults and the young, men, women and the elderly, crowded into a house in the area behind the church. 

Apart from the congregation, the service was attended by a representative of the National Commission for Women, Andy Yentriani, and Director of LBH Jakarta, Febionesta. They were also at the confrontation next day, but even the presence of such human rights luminaries failed to sway the Satpol PP.

This report adds that a mob of ‘locals’ (maybe) were out early to obstruct worship, and despite the presence of 300 security personnel ( militia, cops and troops!) no effort was made to disperse the sectarian rabble.

  • Jemaah-GKI-Taman-Yasmin-Bogor-Nekad-Beribadah Worship on the street
  • Past reports indicate mobsters have been bussed in from outside the area. On this occasion we just don’t know!

Hendi Iskandar, chief of the Satpol PP team, insisted the congregation members not hold their Christmas service in the church, adding that the building was still being disputed.

“We’ve provided another venue to hold services and we’ll guarantee its safety,” Hendi added, referring to a meeting hall 150 meters from the sealed church.

But the congregation refused to take up the alternative option.

“This is not about where we hold services; that church is our rightful house of worship, and it should be protected by the state,” congregation member Jayadi said.


Quite right, Jayadi.

How sad that nobody from the top down in the current government seems willing to enforce the ruling of the Supreme Court that recognises Yasmin’s rights.