C’mon, Gamawan! Ministry ‘Should Protect Religious Liberty!’

gamawan-fauzi- Gamawan Fawzi

Indonesia’s Home Affairs Minister, Gamawan Fawzi, has been told off for neglecting to act decisively – some might say at all – on the persecuted churches of West Java.

The Protestant HKBP congregation of Tambun, Bekasi, went to the National Human Rights Commission, KOMNAS HAM,  yesterday after disgusting savages in that part of West Jabva pelted them with rotten eggs and urine in a bid to prevent Christian worship.


As usual, the Bekasi’s Keystone Cops declined to quell the Islamist rabble, and so the bigots prevailed.




The forces of evil there are hardly unhindered by Bekasi’s local authorities, including the Golkar Party Regent, Neneng, who has also refused to unseal the church. This should be a huge embarrassment to billionaire Golkar presidential candidate, Aburizal Bakrie, who claims to be a pluralist. but so far he’s not slapped her down or even publicly dissociated himself from her indifference to religious liberty.


bakrie Bakrie


But meanwhile, given the uselessness of the police – who, remember, have failed to arrest a Bekasi thug caught on video threatening to murder the HKBP pastor – the Commission is demanding Gamawan step in, albeit belatedly.

  • The Supreme Court has already ordered Bekasi authorities to stop sealing off the church property, but the order has been ignored.

“The Home Affairs minister is the one responsible for domestic politics and should be the leader for regional heads. But so far he has never once come out with a statement or taken firm action against the Bekasi district chief,” said KOMNAS HAM. 

Nor, I fear, will he do anything to stop this miserable saga of sectarian oppression.

But best of luck, KOMNAS!