Guess Who Violates Religious Liberty More Than IslamoNazis?

Further to our previous post on acts of intolerance against religious liberty during 2012., we have to ease the pressure on the IslamoNazi FPI, just a little.

While FPI win the stenchy prize for the ‘civilian’ outfit with most affronts to freedom of worship, guess who beats them overall?

The Indonesian Police!

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  • So said Yenny Wahid, according to, and we’ve reported on their performance often – use our search engine to see what ‘police’ get up to here.

Police recorded 57 violations, while the FPI recorded 52 violations of religious freedom. 
This was conveyed by the Executive Director of The Wahid Institute, Yenni Wahid, on Friday (28/12/2012).

“The police as law enforcement in the field are involved most frequently in a variety of violations of religious freedom…” said Yenni.

Not to be outdone, the Satpol PP, the municipal militia, managed to rack up 34 such actions to their discredit.Again, just enter ‘Satpol PP’ into our search box, and you’ll see what Yenny means. 


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  • Like her father, a genuinely good Muslim, this daughter of the late President Gus Dur observed that “The face of  freedom of religion is increasingly disfigured!”

PS   Once more, please post this on suitable Facebook pages – their censorship shoul not go unchallenged!