MUI ‘Scholar’ Chief Sticks Up For IslamoNazis

The self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI have once more let down the honourable Muslims of Indonesia with a pathetic exculpation of the IslamoNazi FPI.
The white-shirt hoodlums have dragged this country’s good name through the mire ever since they were established by elements of the Armed Forces as a goon-squad, twenty something years ago.
Most notably in the Monas Riot of 2008, but also in many other episodes of wanton sectarian thuggery, the FPI has affronted Indonesia’s founding constitutional principles of pluralism.
The MUI, fed by tax-payers’ cash  as a state-sponsored body, ought to be out there condemning them uneqivocally, if not as Indonesian citizens, at least as Muslims, for it’s rabid jihadist violence by the FPI and its look-alikes that have created ‘Islamophobia,’ and made even honest, decent Muslims objects of suspicion at best, hatred at worst, by huge numbers of people in other lands.
But what does the MUI have to say?
cholil-ridwan Cholil Ridwan – and who is that laughing along with himwith him? First correct answer wins a bottle of Bintang, to be purchased at any mini-market in Kudus, Central Java…
According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Ahmad Cholil Ridwan, so far people only see the result of  FPI actions, but have never tried to see what causes FPI to commit such acts…
“The FPI is based on the truth of the teachings of God and the traditions of the Prophet, they do those things because law enforcement officers are not reliable,” he said.
FPI_1_Juni victim monas
Victim of FPI violence, Monas 2008
When FPI action violates the law, FPI members are ready to accept punishment. For Cholil, FPI is a responsible organization.
FPI_13 FPI Hoodlums, last year
Merciful Heavens.
Is this guy real?
These nazi swine are notorious, their record of violence, vandalism, and vicious sectarian hatred manifest for all to see.
Only days ago the backward bigots were trying to disrupt a Christmas Service on a public open space near a Mosque in Semarang because Christian worship ‘offends Muslims.’
Is that what the MUI thinks too?
“If it’s against the law, yet they are also prepared for prison, FPI takes full responsibility. Now, if law enforcement could combat heresy like Ahmadiyah’s, as an offense…
So this bigot wants the cops to serve as his hit-men, thus relieving FPI fanatics of their ‘duty’ to harass, abuse and assault anyone who fails to toe the MUI’s’ ‘spiritual’ line?
Yep, that’s what he IS saying. if the forces of law and order would just crack down on those wicked heretics…the FPI would not act as it does now,” he explained.
This is simply evil intolerance at its worst.
Heresy?!? In the 21st century? Normal people expel members of their denominations who diverge from their doctrines e.g Catholics get excommunicated.
Nobody in his or her right mind asks the police to pick on dissenters….except here in Jakarta, at MUI HQ!
This goat-bearded grimnasty  was commenting on what was said by the Wahid  Institute’s program coordinator, Rumadi Ahmad.
As previously reported on RRA, this year has seen as many as 52 FPI involvements in violations of religious freedom.
But the report on Cholil, quoted above, link below, adds that the MUI has 24 such violations listed in the NGO tally.
You readers can check out the FPI’s mayhem on our search engine, but Rumadi’s surely got it right when he identifies FPI intolerance in the form of intimidation and physical attacks against those that are considered contrary to Islamic teachings…a violent ideology.
Yet here we have the big boss of a state-aligned outfit telling us the his ‘Religion of Peace’ is being served by these thugs!?! Threats to burn an orphanage? Terrorising innocent  workers lunching during Ramadan? 
Cholil reckons such monstrous misdeeds are in keeping with MUI’s interpretation of Islamic teachings?–yang-dilakukan-fpi-berdasarkan-kebenaran/index.php