Cops Stop West Java Worship, Appease Islamist Louts


Heck, what rain today.
I’m sat out front, watching it fall, listening to Willie Nelson, pondering the imminent arrival of somebody most agreeable to resume the festive season with, but suddenly I tune into the internet news, and lo, my mind is diverted to the sad fate faced by others, blamelss folk….
The Jakarta Post brings us the first dark, dank news, for 2013, of continuing Islamist evil in West Java,with a report on those vile sectarian savages in Bekasi, defying the joy and good cheer which animates most of us as the New Year bells echo.


The congregation of beleaguered Filadelfia Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) failed to conduct a New Year’s Eve service as hundreds of local residents, police and public order officers (Satpol PP) intercepted worshippers before they reached the church in Tambun, Bekasi, West Java, on Monday evening.

Yes, you read it right – not just those primitives but the so-called ‘forces of law and order,’ united in their determinatiion to defy rulings from the country’s highest courts that make it unequivocally clear these peaceful Protestants have the right to worship in their church.


Pdt. Palti


Rev. Palti Panjaitan ( above) of Filadelfia said on Tuesday that when the congregants approached the church, public order officers formed a barricade, stopping them from entering the church at around 6 p.m.

Palti said that 100 meters from the Satpol PP personnel, police officers ordered them to disperse and formed a barricade to prevent local residents from approaching them.

“We eventually dispersed when the crowd started to besiege us from every direction and threw eggs and dirt at us.” 

So the cops ‘prevented’ the bigot rabble approaching the congregants, but made no arrests when the scum threw filth at them?

Hardly the first instance of this dereliction of duty!

This will be the same dedicated police force which has yet to take into custody the thug who threatened Pastor Palti with death, though everyone can see clearly the threat on that video we have shown repeatedly.

Bekasi’s Finest surely know the identity of the swine – why is he not behind bars awaiting trial? Or is a murder threat against a member of a minority religion not a criminal offence in West Java?