ITMA! Jakarta Tunnel Plan Spells Hope, and Shows Initiative!

You’d think in a city subject to horrendous flooding that somebody would have come up with a plan to funnel the rainy season away via a colossal tunnel long before now!



Yet once more, it has never been tried, as far as I know, until new Governor Jokowi put it forward last month. Has it even been discussed before now? I don’t know.

If not, why not?

We had floods in our West Jakarta neighbourhood about six years ago, right up to the door-step. We put up home-made sand-bags. Canute-like, I sat there and watched the murky water abate, just in time.

  • floodjokowi-baru-bisa-beri-sembako-belum-punya-solusi-banjir Small stuff!
  • Less fortunate were we in Bekasi, before that, when the flood invaded our home and, around a foot high, caused considerable upset. Local lads even had small boats going up and down the affected streets for commuters’ and shoppers’ convenience.

But compared to the death and destruction that occurred and still occurs every year in other areas, I count myself lucky.

Joko first announced his plan for a new, deeper drainage tunnel after learning that the tunnels currently running along the capital’s main streets were only 60 centimeters deep. The new tunnel, once completed, will run from Cawang in East Jakarta, along Jalan M.T. Haryono, up to Pluit in North Jakarta, before emptying out into the sea.

Jokowi’s idea not only offers hope of a reduction in the watery horrors inflicted on the city, but will provide honest toil for thousands, surely.

  • jokowi-ahok-_120409163208-508
  • I congratulate him, and his deputy, Ahok, again – they are a dashed fine team, as my fellow-passengers on the morning angkots regularly agree!