It’s 2013 AD, Stupid!

I finally got given a new calendar, at Pronto, that good-value buffet resto in Pondok Indah Mall.


pondkind8 PIM


Used to be lots of banks and other businesses handed them out to all and sundry but that generous custom seems to be on the wane.

I still try to buy a nice big one with lots of glossy photos of dangdut starlets.

trio cecak Like these three lasses from Jogja, performing as the Trio Cecak – the Gecko Trio. I have quite a few cecak darting about my ceiling, but alas not these ones


However…speaking of calendars….

A very good article in the Washington Times last month drew attention to the absurd posturings of that dreadful character Lincoln Chafee, who is Governor of Rhode island.



Chafee and ‘Holiday Tree’


Defying not only popular opinion but also his own R. I legislature, he persists in calling the State Christmas Tree a ‘holiday tree!’

As the author of the WT piece points out, if the PC elite truly want to expunge symbols of America’s historic identity as part of Christendom, the dolts will have to invent an entirely new calendar. It’s surely intolerable that we should be counting our years from the Birth of Christ.

There is of course a variety of calendars to choose from. We have a holiday here in the ‘world’s largest Muslim democracy’ for the Muslim New Year, and the more holidays the better, most think.

But if you ask any Indonesian, of any creed, what year it is, he or she will no doubt eye you anxiously, but then reply ‘2013.’

All that silly nonsense about sticking an E onto BC in history books etc. is just that – nonsense. Typing Before Common Era may give pinkos a thrill but it still means Before Christ.




On the other hand, AD may well be problematic, since in the USA, at least, the left-libs have actually started referring to The Manchurian as some sort of Messiah.

Their new era (new order?) may be deemed to have begun in 2008. Thus poor Hillary’s man occupied the White House in the B.O. era!

So in addition to re-writing the Constitution (instead of just flouting it, as Obama does daily) we may see a move to emulate those French Reolutionaries who decided to start a new era with a Year One. (For us normal conserative folk, consolation lies in the indisputable historical fact that the revolutionaries’ new era lasted not much longer than three US presidential terms)