UK Local Taxes Wasted on Queer Questions

More evidence of mental instability among British local authorities!

Three local councils in the UK (Stockport, Cheshire East and Manchester City) want to build a new road, and quite sensibly are consulting residents on the plan.

One might expect their survey to include questions on what sort of transport they use, where they need to get to usually, what effect the road might have on the neighbourhood’s environment, road safety, etc.

So those citizens who have received the council questionnaire are mildly surprised, to say the least, that they’re being asked if they engage in odd sexual activities!

The survey, sent out as part of a consultation into the A6 to Manchester Airport relief road, asks participants to disclose their gender, race, religion and sexual preferences.

As reported by the Daily Telegraph, one question asks: ‘Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned with at birth?’  It is also understood that the same survey has been provided to people seeking blue badges for disabled parking.

One resident who was sent the survey lambasted the councils for using his taxes to fund such initiatives. ‘I can’t quite see what difference being a sky-blue lesbian Hindu makes to where the bypass goes. I sent it back with a message saying “what a load of rubbish”.’

Surprisingly only three of the questions on the ten-question survey related directly to the building of the road. The other seven questions related to personal details, including one about ‘religion and beliefs’ and one requesting a description of ethnicity.


BB is watching you


Just what the hell business is it of ANY government what our beliefs are? Big Brother is not just watching, he’s taking detailed notes!

A final question detailed respondents sexual orientation.

Jim McMahon, the project director for the road, said the Equality Act required local authorities to monitor the impact of policies on equality groups. He told the Daily Telegraph the councils have a ‘duty towards equalities and social inclusion’.

Well, no, they have a duty to build roads and not waste tax-payers’ money on garbage like that. And MPs have a duty to repeal inbecilic legislation like the Equality Act!