Aceh – Shariah Reigns, Injustice Flourishes

Indonesia’s benighted Aceh Province faces a rising tide of violence, and it’s an Indonesian NGO that  lays the blame squarely on the cause!

It’s as a result of Shariah law in Aceh, according to Kontras, the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence.


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  • …the total number of cases of Shariah-linked violence last year was 50, up from 47 in 2011.

“The culture of allowing violence in relation to the enforcement of Shariah law remains high in Aceh, based on our observations throughout the past year,” said spokeswoman Destika Galang Lestari.


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“There were 16 cases in which people accused of unlawful sexual relations were assaulted, and five cases in which they were doused with sewage.”

Sound familiar? Yup, same tactics as those Islamist swine in Bekasi, West Java, used against the innocent Christians of HKBO Church. Pelted with filth and plastic bags of urine by stinking savages, those poor Protestants were denied access to their place of worship, cops collaborating in the suppression of religous liberty byTambun’s jihadists, filthy louts utilising their own filth.

Kontras also noted that Aceh’s notorious Wilayatul Hisbah, the Shariah police, were also responsible for committing violence through their routine raids on suspected Shariah offenders.
“We’re categorizing their raids as Shariah-based violence because they consistently act in an discriminatory manner,” Gilang said.

  • Aceh's Sharia Gestapo in Action The WH- Shariah’s Goon Squad
  • “For instance, raids to enforce the dress code for women are only targeted at those on motorcycles, while those in cars are never checked.”

And we’ll be getting back to that ignoramus mayor – yeah, the dork who wants women passengers on motorbikes who won’t ride side-saddle to be arrested – tomorrow.

And the police up there are just as bad as their brethren in West Java.
Gilang cited a case in Bireuen district in November in which a mob attacked the home of an Islamic cleric that it accused of deviant teachings. The cleric and one of his followers were killed, as was one of the attackers.
In the aftermath of the violence, police named the followers as suspects, and took no action against the attackers.

Just like that bold gendarme in West Java Police, caught on camera listening to a murder threat against the HKBP’s Pastor Palti, then nonchalantly walking off, no word, no sign, of any interest in tackling a serious crime…against a Christian.

Were it against one of those MUI ‘scholars,’ would he have acted differently?

For Sure!

She added that the police’s failure to take action against such mobs highlighted a “loss of control” on the part of the police.


Why be surprised, Destika?

The Banten Police stood back as the Ahmadi Martyrs of Cikeusik were brutally murdered, the Jakarta Police lacked the guts to step into the Monas Riot of 2008, the West Java Police  block Yasmin’s congregation from entering their churh in Bogor too.

What’s the common factor here, that makes those situations different from student demos or workers’ protests, when cops get stuck in with gusto?

One thing.

Sectarian bias – these police are either afraid to confront Islamist hoodlums or are complicit in the rabble’s goals.


    PS                And no hogwash, please, about ‘Islamophobia.’ Didn’t you notice Destika’s scarf?