EUSSR’s Mockery of Democracy

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An excellent article by Bruno Kaufmann in EUObserver last week, about the so-called  European Citizens’ Initiative.

Even in theory, the vaunted ECI onlly says that if 1 million EU citizens from at least seven member states call for a new law, then the European Commission must take notice, is a far cry from long-standing democratic devices in Switzerland and various American states, which OBLIGE the ruling class not only to take notice but to act, referenda required!

Kaufmann’s not a bad bloke, but alas he’s wearing rose-tinted spectaces if he really thinks this travesty is based on the principle of transnational participative democracy.




Instead of recognising that it gives no power whatsoever to the peoples of Europe, he focuses instead on the various ethical and administrative problems with its implementation. Interestingly, he concludes that that most ECI organisers do not know what they are doing, because the Commissars have not publicised the intricacies very well,

His solutions, that civil society – including academia and the media – need to help generate an adequate level of public understanding – a contribution which would offer critical knowledge as to what direct democratic tools can contribute to representative democracy may well be sensible, but they again repeat the false premise that these ‘supplicant to satrap’ initiatives offer ‘participation.’

They don’t. Only the most despotic regimes in history have refused to ‘take notice’ of their subjects’ concerns. The EUSSR arrangement is no better than their fan Cast-Iron Cameron’s recemt marriage ‘consultation’ and have the same pre-condition, that none of the in-crowd in Brussels need DO anything to meet the people;s aspirations.

Cameron made it clear he’d feel free to flout the express wishes of those consulted, and is busily doing so.

Mind you, the EUSSR did much the same, telling its recalcitrant serf population that anything that clashed with the ‘values’ of the elite would not be countenanced!


The ECI is here to stay,

What we have seen so far is just teething pains.

Bruno Kaufmann is head of the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe, a German-based NGO


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