Silly Season Early This Year – Mail’s Farage Foolery

  • In fact, he is descended from Georgius Ferauge who lived in the Ardennes, a region that straddles France and Belgium
Ancestry: MEP Nigel Farage has ancestors that lived in the area now known as Belgium
The Daily Mail is one of the healthier media in the UK and often provides RRA with useful material for further reporting and comment.
But their latest ‘scoop’ is just plain silly.
In an arguably ‘racist’ expose of UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s ethnic origins, they gave prominence to the revelation that Farage has ancestors that lived in the area now known as Belgium.
So where’s the beef?

The Mail seems to think the man’s ancestry is relevant because he rather perspicaciously described EUSSR President Herman Van Rompuy as possessing ‘charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk…’ and later said that Belgium is pretty much a non-country.’


Van Rompuy - Weasel Extraordinaire

Van Rompuy – Weasel Extraordinaire


In consequence of the first assertion, the EUSSR demonstrated its commitment to free speech by fining Farage £2400.




The Mail carries on with the shockingly old news that he has further offended the ‘President’ by referring to him as Rumpy Pumpy.

Again, big deal, I myself have designated the same individual Rompuystiltskin. He is a figure of fun, albeit dangerous with his Fourth Reich ambitions.

But the question remains – what has any of this got to do with Farage’s great6-grandfather? Did it really come as a shock that he has an ancestor in territory where Belgium was artificially created by the Great Powers around a century after his granpere left what was then the Spanish Netherlands? What has that got to do with anything?

I have a French ancestor, even further back than his, a Huguenot who fled France in 1685, from anti-Protestant oppression. Perhaps partially because of him, I have developed a distaste for religious persecution.

But NOT because of any stray Gallic genetic ingredients – rather due to that ancestry having made me interested in that aspect of history!

Every Englishman, except maybe for some in Cumbria, Cornwall and parts of Lancashire, has Germanic blood in his veins. That hardly prevented English readiness to square up to Germany twice in the last century.

The Mail has made a fool of itself with this story. The real shock is that they wasted lots of time and money researching the UKIP leader’s family tree.

I don’t endorse everything UKIP says and does (though in general I applaud them) but it’s idiotic to create stories like this.

I assail Cameron regularly, and other UK politicians – but not because of whence came their forebears.

If, like the black UKIP guy who fought a good fight in the Croydon by-election, or the Sri Lankan fellow who stood for them recently, they are loyal to Queen and Country, that’s good enough for me!