‘Cinta Tapi Beda!’ – First Blood to IslamoNazis!

Yet another outburst of self-righteous intolerance from the IslamoNazi FPI and a supporting cast of Dark Age dolts.
Let’s meander through the story gently.
Today, Minang people comprising the Social and Cultural Coordination Alam Minangkabau (BK3AM), Family Student Minang Jaya (Jaya KMM) and the Association of Indonesian Minangkabau  Young Women (IPPMI) are to report the makers of the film “Love But Different” to the Police.
Three people are being held responsible, Hanung Bramantyo (director), Raam Punjabi (Producer) and Agni Pratistha (actress). All three are required to apologize to the Minang community.
agni-pratistha Agni – who’d be offended by her?
What a collage of arrogance!
They learn of a movie – did they watch it? – that upsets them, but instead of skipping it, as I would a Morrissey concert, they stamp their little Minang feet and demand apologies?
Grow up, twits!
In addition to the Minang, the movie  also received strong protests from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).
Surprise, surprise.  Because the film carries a message of tolerance, how could those white-shirt FPI Nazis resist getting uptight?
So what’s the problem with the movie?
Does it insult somebody’s prophet. as the FPI and similar klutz-cliques do regularly with regard to the Ahmadiyah prophet?
Ahmadiyah burned Koran in CisaladaAhmadi Koran Burned by Islamist Savages
Does it involve burning holy books, as Islamist savages did to an Ahmadi Koran in West Java?
The film picked up the story of love hindered due to religious differences.
It was apparently feared it would harm the Muslim faith.
NB, two creeds involved, but only a risk of harm to one – what does that say about which one’s more fragile, at least in the minds of the complainants?

Ketua Bidang Dakwah dan Hubungan Lintas Agama DPP Front Pembela<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Islam (FPI) Habib Muhsin Ahmad. (inet)

FPI Habib Muhsin Ahmad

Head of Da’wah and Interfaith Relations for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Habib Ahmad Muhsin said that Hanung Bramantyo as director of the film may be subject to Article 4 of Law No. 1965 on Prevention 1/PNPS Abuse and / or blasphemy. “We’ll take Hanung into the realm of law.”
That’s it, just like President SBY’s famed putative ‘global blasphemy protocol,‘ the local version is the handiest stick around to beat down free expression.
Meanwhile, evidently seeking to out-bigot the FPI, a character named Hasan Zulhendri, speaking for the afore-mentioned Minang community ‘representatives,’ said ‘Minang is synonymous with Islam. If you want to display a non-Muslim, so look for another socio-cultural place, not here in Padang!”
So Zulhendri is saying that the non-Muslim minority in the Minang territory don’t count? They may not be represented in films or books or anywhere, as examples of the Minang community? Untermenschen was the original Nazi term, I believe?
FPI-protes-film-cinta-tapi-beda-antara-jpeg.image_ Hanung
Another site reports that director Hanung has offered to withdraw his film from commercial circulation, ‘better that than become a controversy.




So how’s the ‘controversy’ working out?

The screening of ‘Cinta Tapi Beda’ (Love But Different) in Cinema 21 theater in Plaza Asia, Tasikmalaya was not accepted by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) of Tasikmalaya City. The film directed by Hanung Bhramantyo was subsequently canceled.


“We coordinated with 21. Thank Allah, they decided not to play it,” said Chairman Acep Sofyan to Tempo on Jan. 7.

(NB    21 = the country’s largest cinema chain)


But we must hope that the rest of Indonesia is not so totally under the jihadi jackboot. West Java is becoming a shariah nightmare. Not quite yet as bad as Aceh, but if Acep has his way – and he’s doing so, so far – it will match the depths of darkness soon enough!


The movie tells of interfaith marriage legalization. FPI declares that Islam does not allow interfaith marriages. Hanung often makes liberal movies. “Most of his movies embrace freedom without limit,” Acep opined.


‘Cinta Tapi Beda’ clearly talks about principles prohibited in Islam.


Discussing principles? Obviously a BAD THING  to do!


Asep questions the role of the clerics and film censors in monitoring such a move. “How did the movie pass censorship?” Acep asked.


Good question – musta been a slack day at the shariah control HQ!


He is concerned that moviegoers, most of whom are teenagers, will be influenced. “Concerned that there is indoctrination of religious principles in the movie…” he said.


Teens getting more than the ‘scholar-approved’ version of what’s right and wrong with the world? That’s no more acceptable than allowing parental objections to Toronto District School Board’s one-sided indoctrination program! However, TDSB has not yet pledged to deal mob-handed with  dissenters.


Acep emphasized that if 21 violated the agreement and played the move, FPI would mobilize its masses.


IslamoNazi storm-troop thugs! http://www.tempointeractive.com/hg/nasional/2013/01/08/brk,20130108-452833,uk.html

And more from the Jakarta Post!

Quoting ‘community lawyer’ Zulhendri Hasan. the JP said that most Minang people were offended by dialog in which the female character–played by Agni Pratistha–said that she loved spicy pork, which is forbidden for Muslims.



Hey, spicy pork! Yummy!


When I was at uni, my Catholic pals weren’t supposed to eat meat on Fridays. Didn’t mean they disliked it. Just a rule they had back then. Same as Muslims are banned from the joys of bacon. Might taste nice, but a no-no!

Same with pork here!

So these dorks are offended? Tough! Why don’t they ever get past the ten-year-old temper tantrum stage?

Being offended is not a big deal – it’s part of living in a society where we aren’t all robots, despite the steadfast endeavours of the FPI and the MUI and similar would-be puppeteers.


Hanung’s a good guy, although if correctly quoted, he must be lsoing heart!


Remember SCTV’s cowardice – a gang of white-shirt louts showed up at their head office and told them not to show a pro-tolerance movie? So it was pulled.


That was Hanung’s ‘Question Mark.”
Deplored by ignoramus ‘scholars’ who did not trust young Muslims to think for themselves, it was all set to hit our TVs till the IslamoNazis intruded.
Will 21 do better in terms of moral fibre than the cowardly controllers of SCTV?
Wait and see.