Feed the Canada Kitty, Fight Islamist Censorship!

Back in Canada, Islamist fanatics can be just as nasty as the FPI etc. here in Indonesia, and they’re taking steps to curtail free speech, just as Indonesia’s President SBY urged Western Governments to do in his UN ‘protocol’ diatribe.

Their current target is the excellent blog Blazing Catfur, which has a long and distinguished record of exposing the evils afflicting the Dominion.

I must confess I’m put to shame by BCF’s endless output. My guaranteed one post daily is dwarfed by its freedom-fighting torrent. The current coverage of the Porkahontas (non-) hunger strike is both voluminous and valiant.


ibi new year

Our Ibi is lazy, but Canada’s Blazing Catfur never sleeps.


Unfortunately, the Harper Government, while quite laudable in its stands in the international sphere, has yet to :-

A      start the massive deportations of undesirable aliens and their offspring who espouse the ummat concept that puts sectarian allegiance before loyalty ot Canada,


B      abolish the leftist gestapoid ‘human rights commissions.’ so those stupid bigot jerks are still there, funded by the tax-payers, to use against Canadians’ traditional enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression.

Blazing Catfur is appealing for support as it prepares to fight off a serious censorship threat, so please use this link and help them in a spirit of generosity which, one hopes, has lingered beyond the Festive Season.