Islamist Goons Murder Blogger

Okay, I didn’t make my target of 400,000 hits by Christmas, or even New Year.




But at least we know what many people do at work! After a disturbing slump in hits over the Christmas/New Year period, stats shot up, precisely to the day – as soon as everybody resumed duty on the 3rd.

I had concerns the Facebook Geekstapo’s expulsion of my good self from FB contributed to the short-fall, and maybe it did, but not lastingly.

Even so, I again urge regular readers to re-post any items they enjoy onto suitable FB pages, just to thwart the pinko censors. The low-lifes still haven’t kept their promise to explain their arbitrary act.

But before critics go a-gloating, I’m still more than content with achieving the current total, over 399,000 as I type,

Blogging is an agreeable pastime, in that you can organise it to suit your other activities, work, social life etc.  I go through immensely busy times, then find suddenly I have a day or two idle, which affords time to build up a supply of non-urgent posts.

Why blog?

Some folks do it to recount their daily lives, down to the smallest detail. Can’t see much point in that, but it’s harmless. I did try it experimentally, and was abused by some po-faced left-lib for describing my breakfast!

Others like to sound off on any issue that catches their attention, which is more my scene. I don’t necessarily convert anyone, but then I don’t really see RRA as an arena of debate. But if leftists want to comment, mostly they may, if they are civil.

To me, it’s simply that the more of us who show the flag, the better, since cultural marxists hold so much of the media, and often make out they out-number us ( though if that’s the case, how come they hate referenda?)


I view RRA as a morale-booster for conservatism around the world, and indeed the readership is truly global, read in 196 countries, according to theWordPress annual report I got this week. Didn’t know there were that many!

But not all bloggers are quite as carefree as me.


SATTAR BEHESHTI --- USED 12-11-12 Sattar Beheshti


His last post was October 29 of this year, where he mentioned the threats of the internet police, saying that “Yesterday they threatened me and told me your mother will soon be wearing black”. The next day, he was arrested by the cyber police, and a week later, his bloody and beaten body was dropped off at his mother’s home.

An extract from a good article on AIM  provides us with valuable insights into how Islamists view free speech.

Not that it’s only in the Islamic Republic of Iran that fundamental liberties are under the shadow of oppressive laws and threats thereof.

I rarely get threats, even more rarely from Indonesians, and of course the hoodlum-type expats go unpublished. But there are real threats to freedoms here.

Indonesia’s President SBY last year issued a call for a worldwide ‘blasphemy protocol’ to silence critics of (his) religion. I use those parentheses to remind readers that under his watch there  are constant persecutions of other creeds and little or nothing – nothing actually – is done to prevent them.  




Indeed, it’s Indonesia’s own ‘blasphemy’ law that is often used to oppress minority creeds. Yet one would assume his own country’s law is the model he wants to offer the world.

His term expires in less than two years.

Would it not be wonderful if he used his remainng time as President to do something to achieve the restoration of religious pluralism that his Republic was founded on?