Breaking News – MUI Talk Sense! But Cops Waffle…

After two parties in a row, Thursday and Friday, it seemed wise to take a night off, and listening to that awful rain crashing down outside, I reckon it was the right decision.

Rain makes us wet and miserable, but it also messes up Jakarta’s already messy traffic. huge delays incurred by all road-users.

But there are other road problems, not least the frequent irresponsible, anti-social and basically just arrogant usurpation of the public highways by mobs engaging in Islamic recitals. These events are called pengajian. Noisy, obstructive and needless….


…and in view of the harsh words often used here about the  Indonesian ‘Scholars’ Council (MUI) it’s only fair to give them a surprised pat on the back for thier latest fatwa, which says that  ‘recitations held in the middle of the road are considered disturbing to public order.

I’ve described my own experience at Kebon Jeruk in a previous post, loads of West Jakarta commuters thwarted by oafs who care not a tinker’s cuss for anyone but their own self-righteous, po-faced selves.

Here’s an extract from that post, dated August 4th 2011


Jakarta Police called on Monday for Muslim organizations to stop holding religious gatherings that would block traffic at the main thoroughfares in the Greater Jakarta region. Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Gen. Untung S. Radjab said that as a majority group, Muslims should restrain themselves from an intolerant presence in the city.’



About time somebody in authority said so! And it gets better!
“Our country is called the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, not an Islamic state, despite the fact that Muslims make up the majority of the population. Within the republic, all are free to deliver their sermons. But will the sermon end up blocking the traffic and disrupt the activities of others? If so, then it is not appropriate,” Untung told reporters on Monday.
That was over TWO YEARS AGO, and still the nonsense continues, however!

But now that even the MUI have spoken up, surely our famous Jakarta Police are going to do something about it?  After over two years, nothing has changed, because the culprits have no conscience. A good hosing, some arrests of the ring-leaders, is really all that’s required, but instead we hear mere mumbled waffling, instead of the forthright sentiments expressed by Untung.

” We look on the bright side.. it’s not a matter of right and wrong,” said  City Police Commissioner Pol Chryshnanda Dwilaksana


…”Tabligh Akbar is seen as an activity that involves thousands of people, praying and praying and also has a positive impact. We’re looking for the best solution…how to run community activities and not cause conflict,” he explained.. according to the former Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police,there may not and should not just be a ban.

This guy apparently thinks his cops should get into building communication, which gives the preferred solution. “Do not just deal with it as a matter of right and wrong. There should be dialogue,” he said.

That’s just great!

How does one have dialogue with the deaf? These loud-mouth mobs know they’re deliberately creating massive problems for thousands of people but they don’t give a damn.

They could hire a stadium or public hall, or use one of the city’s many large mosques to host their praying and praying, but no way- their contempt for others’ well-being is breath-taking. No sense of  responsibility as citizens.

And the cops won’t move them on. Poor Jakarta!