Porkahontas’ Arrogance Grows in Inverse Proportion to Weight Loss

Earlier, some protesters attempted to block the door to the Langevin building where the meeting was being held. Chiefs from Manitoba spread tobacco on the steps to “protect” their people…

This represents a major sacrifice by these poor maltreated Indians, given the outrageous cost of cigarettes in Canada these days!

and several dozen women linked arms to try to stop people from entering. When Coon Come entered despite their pleas, one woman broke down in tears.http://ca.news.yahoo.com/chief-spence-meets-gg-spurning-harper-meeting-003902825.html

These extracts from Canadian news show both the silliness and recalcitrance of the Indians involved.



Obstructing access to people who want to go about their lawful business evokes memories of Scargill’s red storm-troops in the UK during the 1980s.

Harper should tell the cops to nip this nonsense in the bud. Canadian Police are rotten with PC permissiveness in the handling of undesirables. Even a judge was moved to comment on their supine stance…http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.com/2013/01/police-politicization-law-breakers.html…and Canadian judges, like the cops, often lack the gumption to deal sensibly with Indians (and others) who think they’re above the law.


Instead of infantile weeping – staged for the media – these daft squaws ought to be even more red-in-the-face than usual, ashamed of themselves.

But it’s the media, most of it, who should be most ashamed, for perpetuating, by constant repetition, the fanciful notion that there is actually a ‘hunger-strike’ in progress.


Portly Porkahontas Spence has a nice daily ration of fish soup, which might match the decription of serious dieting (badly needed by Her Chiefliness!) but no way is it any kind of hunger-strike.

I had no time for those IRA terrorists who starved themselves to death (despite suicide being forbidden by their church) but at least they meant what they said about not eating. They looked positively skeletal after a few weeks, a stunning contrast to the Fat Phoney in Ontario.


spence headdress

Honest Injun?


And her arrogance is not decreasing in proportion to her weight (if any weight loss is in fact occurring- sure doesn’t look like it) She had an opportunity to address her alleged ‘grievances’ with Prime Minister Harper over the weekend, and spurned it.

Time to slash the welfare net in which so many Indians are snared, and treat them as grown-ups. But some of them need to learn how to behave as such.