Concern for Community? ‘Weird!’ – IslamoNazis reports that the IslamoNazi FPI are up in arms – again – this time about the unusual outbreak of common sense on the part of the MUI ‘scholars’ which we reported over the weekend.

The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), is at odds with the intentions of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Government of Jakarta to ban religious activities carried out on public roads…

“Wasn’t this weird?,” said FPI’s Munarman. According to him, informed scholars who love Prophet Muhammad would support these events but unreasonable clerics won’t.

  • munarman1 Munirman in action (in hat)
  • “Besides, public roads were used for such wasteful and immoral entertainment activities on New Year’s Eve, total road closure, but the scholars didn’t lament that,” he explained.

Munarman, who did time after the Monas anti-tolerance riot in 2008 for incitement, is referring to the live music which was greatly appreciated by less affluent Jakartans at the turn of the year. They got a series of free shows all along the main drag, car-free for the occasion.



Happy Jakartan New Year


There was, needless to say, nothing whatsoever immoral on display, thousands of families enjoying bands etc. put on by the City Government.

Munarman also said FPI do not believe in the MUI fatwa. “This complaining is mentally ill. Hopefully this news will reach Syamsul Muarif,” he said.

Poor Syamsul, of the MUI, only observed that if your wife were taken ill and had to get to hospital fast, these mass Islamic ‘recitations,’ with no civic conscience about causing major blockages to the highways and by-ways of the capital, could cause you to feel upset, to put it mildly.