Self-Determination! But NOT for Serbs!

Self-determination is generally regarded as a dashed fine thing, but it tends to be applied selectively a lot of the time.

Those pesky Falkland Islanders are still subjected to intrusive demands by the United Nations, which, despite their clear choice of destiny, keeps them on the agenda of its hypocritical de-Colonisation Committee. Tibet, of course, does not rate concern in that same distinguished body.

Now we see, in EUObs 10/1, that the Serb population in Kosovo, a community which it is fair to say is unhappy under the rule of people whom they consider their deadly enemies, are unlikely to be given that otherwise ‘universal’ right.



Kosovo’s envoy to the EU, Ilir Dugolli, says “One clearly has the impression they haven’t abandoned the idea [of partition] … We strongly reject the proposal…”

But surely it would merely be recognising the realities on the ground in that part of the Balkans, for as the same report continues, the ethnic Serb enclave is currently a no-go area for Kosovo authorities and is run and funded by Serbia. The case for partition appears self-evident, but in fact the Serbs assert they are not proposing that anyway, in their latest proposals, which mention the self-governed Spanish region of Catalonia as a model.




The drafts say north Kosovo should be a demilitarised zone controlled by its own police and courts, which reflect “the ethnic composition of their area of jurisdiction” – almost exclusively ethnic Serb…it would mean the end of Serbia’s control over the territory and should be welcomed by the EU.

Since the EUSSR has no great affinity for allowing peoples to decide for themselves, no surprise to read that EU foreign ministers’ conclusions on Serbia and Kosovo adopted on 11 December speak of “a single institutional and administrative set-up within Kosovo.”

So did Cameron’s Foreign Minister join that centralist consensus, despite agreeing with SNP separatists to hold a Scots referendum next year?



He’s a sly clown. I can foresee him deploying similar arguments in the future if Ulster Brits are axed from the UK. in the event  of the disloyal minority finally out-breeding patriots – clearly, partition would be the only just solution then, a smaller, homogeneous entity in Northern Ireland emerging either as part of the UK or as an independent Dominion of Ulster.

I’m sure Cameron can envisage that situation too, and he would not defend our kin’s self-determination rights, for sure, no doubt taking his current EU Kosovo stance.

Did Spain’s FM concur, despite their own Catalan autonomous state? Germany too is a federal state, and Italy acknowledges special status for South Tyrol.

Why impose a centralist regime in Kosovo that they don’t have at home?

Kosovo, after all, is an artificial state par excellence. Its birth was meant to be about self-determination for ethnic Albanians, but no choice has been offered of joining the real Albania, just as Moldovans have had no referendum on re-joining Romania, from which Moldavia was violently torn by Soviet imperialism.

Why not start serious discussions on how to address the Kosovo Serbs legitimate aspirations?