Betrayal – Not Only US, but UK POWs – Abandoned?

POWI have in the past dwelt on this issue, and got the usual scornful left-lib responses, though not on this blog. A lot of leftists must surely have guilty consciences, so quick are they to deny the possibility of betrayal.


Image: Army Sgt. Richard G. Desautels

China for the first time acknowledged burying Army Sgt. Richard G. Desautels, a U.S. prisoner of war on its soil, telling U.S. officials half a century after the fact that an American soldier it captured in the Korean War died one week after he “became mentally ill.”

Since the discovery of the fate of that dead serviceman – who died in Red Chinese captivity – a couple of years ago, it has been clear how shamelessly the US Government kicked its own imprisoned heroes in the teeth, accepting lies as truth, lies from regimes to whom lying is an integral part of their dogma, instead of going into action to save the lost boys.


The film reminds us that not only Americans but British troops too were sold out by their governments.

With Obama in the White House, a man mentored by traitors like William Ayers, there’s no hope of rescue, even if any of the MIAs were still alive to be rescued.

Today, with the nomination of Senator Kerry, who features in this film, complicit in the cover-up, to high office by Obama, it’s all the more topical to let you see it.



Kerry, giving aid and comfort to the Communist enemy


That’s not to let Obama’s predecessors, especially Nixon and Clinton, off the hook. A truly bi-partisan betrayal.

I subscribed to receive films from this documentary distribution outfit ages ago, but have rarely had time to watch any. This time I did watch, and a sad viewing it was. Fifty minutes of your time, please, and see how you feel afterwards.