‘Order in the Court?’ IslamoNazis Veto “Infidel’s” Oath

As the trial of an FPI Gauleiter began in Bandung, hopes for a fair verdict dimmed when the judge bowed to hoodlum howling and ‘allowed’ an Ahmadiyah witness to testify without swearing on the Koran as he had wished to.




The case relates to the vandalising of the minority creed’s mosque by Islamonazis last year. See photo above and our link https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/islamonazis-wreck-another-house-of-worship/%C2%A0%C2%A0  .

 The witness was Rahman Ahmad, aged 32.. As usual, before testifying, the judge administered the oath…when Rahman was about to be sworn as a Muslim, using the Quran, the defendant’s attorneys protested.

“We’re sorry your honor. We object if the witness is sworn in using the Quran – based on the Tri-Ministerial Decree. Ahmadiyya is not Islam. So do not use the Koran.”  This was supported by dozens of FPI members. They called the witness an infidel. Judge Sinung finally took the oath without using the  Koran. Rahman seemed to accept it.

Well, we must wait and see. The crime carries a sentence of five years if  the gauleiter is convicted. But given the track record of Indonesian justice, jihadist louts rarely get anything but minimal punishment for sectarian crimes.

I could remind you yet again of the disgusting slap-on-the-wrist penalties imposed after the martyrdom of three Ahmadis at Cikeusik two years ago.

ahmadiyah2 Cikeusik – Islamist Scum Murder Ahmadis


A chilling note in Tempo’s coverage of the current Bandung trial was the statement quoted “I’m afraid this will turn out like Cikeusik all over again.”

http://www.tempointeractive.com/hg/nasional/2013/01/10/brk,20130110-453601,uk.html . .

I could remind you of the outcme of the West Java raid by savages against their Ahmadi neighbours last year. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/west-java-cop-out-islamist-mob-to-go-unpunished/

Then there was the rape/murder in Tangerang, where the FPI were not among the accused, and in fact had nothing to do with the case at all, but stuck their snouts in anyway.


My interest was aroused by a news item not, so far as I know, picked up by the English-language media here. The JP http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2012/12/05/greater-jakarta-death-penalty-sought-uin-student-murder.html did cover the trial but not the aspect that caught my attention.

Two Indonesian sites, however, reveal that…

…dozens of members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) were present at the hearing…the FPI stated that they wanted to see directly the defendant who had trodden on the Koran.





These public-spirited fanatics turned up, not to see justice done in the case of a young woman brutally violated and murdered, but because their sectarian susceptibilities were injured by a loutish move on the part of a defendant who knocked the Koran to the ground and stomped it.

This perception on my part is confirmed by the ridiculous intro to the story in an Islamist publication, which begins ‘the tragedy of an insult to the Koran by accused M Soleh alias Oleng on Tuesday 4th December is deemed a grave abuse by the Muslim community.http://salam-online.com/2012/12/injak-al-quran-pembunuh-mahasiswi-uin-lecehkan-kitab-suci-fpi-siap-turun-ke-sidang-izzun.html.

Tragedy? A young life taken, after a foul rape – THAT is the tragedy.

Okay, fair enough, we know what we’re dealing with and would expect no less. But read on.

.“The trial will take place in closed session because there are charges of rape, which is a matter of morality. Those who may attend the hearing are only the family of the victim and the defendants, other than that, out,” said Chief Judge Machri Hendra, Tuesday (11/12).

Okay, that’s the rules, if the judge says so.

Machri added that without being closed to the public, then the trial would be null and void. “So the expected rules are adhered to,” he said.

Read on! The local FPI Gauleiter had to have his say.

Muh Riziq declaimed thus – “They’re murderers, do not cover it up. Especially the defendant who footed the Koran. We want to monitor the trial!”

So they reaffirm their IslamoNazi priorities. ‘Especially…’

And what happens then? The judge’s ruling was surely unambiguous.  Nobody but kin to be there.

Eventually their representatives were allowed to follow proceedings. A number of relatives of the victim and the accused were asked to leave, while none of the journalists were allowed to cover the proceedings.

Can you believe it?

Relatives of the girl evicted, so that these bigots can get a ring-side seat, just minutes after the court heard that ONLY kin were allowed. Journalists evicted, whilst white-shirt goons get to stay?

Are IslamoNazis now entirely unconstrained by any rules laid down by the laws or the judges here?  In what kind of a moral vacuum does Tangerang exist?