Cultural Marxist Solidarity? Obama – ‘No British Self-Determination!’

Hubris, indeed. Not content with retaining his power over America, the Manchurian Obama now seeks to dictate the future of what was once the USA’s closest ally, with an outrageous intrusion into British internal affairs.




Fortunately for the United States’ good name, many of its citizens are as appalled as Brits at the overweening arrogance emanating from the White House, as in this article in PJ Media.

One of Obama’s State Department apparatchiks, a upstart called Philip Gordon, has warned that Britain risked turning “’inward” if it held a referendum on its membership of the EUSSR.

While it might be argued that the USA can say where it thinks its British ally should seek its world role, it is utterly intolerable that the cultural marxist mafia currently running America should tell Cameron, or any UK leaders, whether or not Brits have a right to self-determination.


Cameron-and-Obama-006 ‘As one cutural lamrxist to another…’


It’s almost a kind of weird inversion of the principles of the American Revolution, which arose due to those colonists’ demand to decide for themselves by whom they should be taxed (and thus implicitly governed)

UK tax-payers have long been bled by Brussels to pay for its grandiose mis-spending (even to the extent of using Brit taxes to pump Euro-propaganda into Brit school-kids!) and if the British people want it stopped, they clearly have a right to say so through the ballot-box.


EU - referendum vote


That was recognised by Harold Wilson when parliament passed the referendum act that ordained the 1975 vote, and with an entire generation now having grown up subject to alien control, it’s high time they had an action re-play, which would by all acounts show a very different result

…the topic within Britain is not whether British membership in the EU is in America’s interest, but whether it is in their own. An increasing number of Britons are coming to the conclusion that it is not. Recent polls have shown that, for the first time, a majority supports leaving the EU.




Quite so.

Cameron loathes democracy, lied to the electorate about a Eureferendum before, and is doing all he can to stave off the popular revolt against what his fellow-citizens increasingly know is their enemy.

It would not be in the least surprising if he hasn’t prevailed on his ideological twin to stick his nose in – surely yet another miscalculation by a man likened in a recent survey of British opinion to a snake.