Prabowo – The Thinking Man’s Candidate? What About the Workers?

gerindra1  Former General and presidential aspirant Prabowo Subianto claimed on Thursday that many intellectuals and academics across the country support him as the most capable candidate for the 2014 election.  Jakarta Globe, today

Whether that’s true or not, it’s a strange boast.

‘Academics’ can be useful members of society, but ‘intellectuals?’

Exactly what constitutes an ‘intellectual?’


the_thinker Funny-looking toilet!


They seem to be a self-categorising element, not necessarily too intelligent, but expecting others to listen to their tripe purely because they don’t do an honest day’s work and they like to use big words, or collages of small words that lack much meaning to normal folk.

Anybody out there got a proper definition for the term?