Youtube’s Intolerance – UK Islamist Intimidation Video Banned!

Further to my expulsion from Facebook  (still no common courtesy and/or professional integrity, no reason supplied, as promised) I see that Youtube has accelerated the slide into  censorship.


That august institution has outlawed the little film linked below, using the somewhat Orwellian justification that the purpose of a video exposing the Islamist agenda of intimidation was to ‘harass, bully or threaten,’

But thanks to the Daily Mail, you can have a look to begin your working day in baleful mood.The Daily Mail website here.

Respectable Muslims have indeed dissociated themselves from these obnoxious swine, so one hopes they will endorse deportation of such arrogant primitives if or when they are identified and arrested.

What?!? Pinko voices will rail at this suggestion. ‘How can you deport them if they’re British?/

Easy –  just handcuff them, put them on a plane to Saudi or Iran – or even to Indonesia’s Aceh Province – or any such Dark Age destination, and refuse them re-admission.

They are NOT British.They are shariah savages, and it is an act of humane benevolence to deposit them in a society where they’ll feel at home.