Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty”

Another pathetic display of subservience to Islamist bigots by Indonesia’s police, this time down south in East Nusa Tenggara.

Cops in Lembata are closely monitoring a group who have syncretized various religions and are suspected of spreading deviant religious teachings.

So heresy-hunting is the duty of what that the ludicrous Minister of Religious Affairs – with a straight face – recently called the most tolerant country in the world?

So it seems. I wonder if Obama and Cameron, who visited Jakarta and went home with their inanities, about the ‘pluralism’ and ‘tolerance’ they encountered, still echoing around Merdeka Square.

And note well, it’s not some local equivalent of a red-neck sheriff going off the resevation.

“We have reported this to the headquarters and we have been ordered to closely monitor this group,” Lembata police chief Adj, Sr. Comr. Marthen Johannis said.

So what’s this group, and what are their dodgy if not downright dangerous beliefs?

It’s called Gafatar, and it is utterly innocuus, as far as anyone can tell.


GAFATAR_GERAKAN_FAJAR_NUSANTARA_33‘Movement of the Indonesian Dawn’

We posted on them last year, when some other cops collaborated with a mob of FPI thugs in another Indonesian province.

Gafatar is abundantly law-abiding and has made every effort to comply with local laws.

“They have sought a permit to be able to conduct their group activities but I have not given it to them,” Johannis said.

Why not?

Johannis said their initial surveillance showed that the group was aimed at unifying differences in the country while mixing up several religious teachings.

Oh, well, we can’t have that sort of nonsense, can we?

Rabid Islamist gangs like the FPI and Hizbut Tahrir can spread their hate freely, embraced by the police…

(see link

…but Gafatar?

“We can take action against them, but will limit our self to [just] monitoring the activities of this group,” he said, adding that the group had not yet been declared a banned organization.

Banned? And which government department gets to decide which outfits get banned?

Viktor Mado Wutun, deputy district chief of Lembata, was kind enough to give us the answer to that.


Yup, you guessed it. Not a government department at all!

The power to veto religious liberty lies, in thiis tolerant pluralist land, with the Islamist self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI, the Indonesian Council of Ulemas!.

“If the East Nusa Tenggara MUI does not recognize this group, this Gafatar group, then the government will ask law enforcers to disband the organization and take their leaders to justice,” he said.

Please note, Muslims comprise only one of the religions officially recognised by the Government. The others are the Catholics, Protestants,Buddhists, Hidus and Confucians.

But only one lot get taken on board by the police and the local authorities when deciding to outlaw alleged dissenters.

So this is not an Islamic State but any group anathematised by the backward bigots of the MUI gets it in the neck.

It’s sick. truly sick,