Fatty’s Yummy Diet Reaches ‘Critical’ Stage – NOT!

I post about so many of the saddest aspects of life, especially here in Indonesia, that it’s a relief to turn again to the farcical saga of that big fat dieting hypocrite Theresa ‘Fatty’ Spence in Ontario.

My attention was grabbed by the almost ubiquitous deployment of the word ‘critical’ in today’s Canadian headlines.

When somebody (in my view almost invariably misquidedly) goes on a real hunger-strike, the sight of the word ‘critical’ inclines readers to assume the health of the person is parlous.


Absolutely souper: According to a new diet book, eating nothing but soup can make you slimmer in just 10 days…But are you brave enough to try it?

But I knew that Fatty’s health, far from being parlous, must be in grand shape (unlike her figure) because she has been existing on an excellent regimen of nutritious soup (and cups of tea) for some time, which to most obese women (and men) would be an admirable method of losing tons of weight.

As indeed the article I plucked from the Daily Mail (published back in October last year and nothing to do with Porkahontas!) makes very clear!


spence headdress


But. of course, Fatty is not in the least interested in losing tons of weight. She just wants tons of publicity, and the vacuous media have given her that, by continually repeating the BIG FAT LIE that she’s on a hunger strike.

And that ‘critical’ in their headlines is simply facile.

It in fact refers to the ‘talks’ which are apparently in progress to get her back to full, normal obesity level again,

This might well do her no favours, because she might then need to answer a lot of questions about how much of the cash allotted to her and her fellow- chiefs for the benefit of ‘their’ Indians has been grossly misused.

She’s a joke, but the media are a disgrace.