Ahmadi Witnesses Seek Protection – from Judge!

It’s a public holiday here, not to mark the anniversary of my arrival all those years ago, but to celebrate a Muslim special day.

Which reminds me…

Kompas.com reports that five Ahmadiyah witnesses at the trial of an IslamoNazi gauleiter accused of vandalising their mosque have asked for protection of their rights.


ahmabandungcop Vandalised Ahmadi mosque


The five are seeking help from  LBH (Legal Aid Bandung) after the presiding judge refused to let them take the oath according to their religion as designated on their KTPs (ID cards)




“We object to the judge’s action on 10 and 15 January 2013.  Chief Judge Herman asked for the Ahmadiyah witnesses to be sworn according to their religion on their KTP, namely Islam.”

Ahmadis assert that they are Muslims, but many Islamist bigot bodies, such as the IslamoNazi FPI and the MUI ‘scholars’ here, deny their right to do so, and the Government six years ago issued a highly discriminatory decree severely restricting their religious liberties, despite Indonesa’s constitutional guarantees thereof.

Yet during the trial, the  FPI were yelling that Ahmadiyah is not Islam. and under pressure from the mob, the judge then swore them in himself, no oath on the basis of the appropriate holy book, the Koran, ” said one Ahmadi, Yora Setia Pratama.

The record of the Indonesian judiciary is pretty nauseating, that poor clown in Temanggung chased out his court by an Islamist rabble after ‘only’ giving a ‘defamer of religion’ the maximun five years for a trifling offence, instead of the death penalty as demanded by the howling mob.


silamists defame religion

REAL defamation of religion – Fanatic mob insults Ahmadiyah


There’s also the infamous Cikeusik case, where a handful of Islamist hoodlums were brought to court after the brutal martyrdom of three innocent Ahmadis while armed police looked on. They got slap-on-the-wrist sentences, while one of the Ahmadi survivors got sent down for slightly longer than some of the savages!

None of the assailants was charged with murder, and the Government has failed to press for such charges to be instituted.


marty ‘Moderate’ Marty


The insipid commitment to tolerance, pluralism and justice at the top is perfectly exemplified by the comment of ‘Moderate’ Marty, currently Foreign Minister, who later said “… In hindsight, whether the sense of justice is fully served, I don’t know.’

Well, these people know!



Yora said he and four colleagues also suffered intimidation in the form of insults and derision when entering the courtroom.


fpi bandung court

IslamoNazi (fresh from a Rudolf Valentino  re-make?) in court


Ahmadi witness

Ahmadi witness (note his appearance resembles that of a normal sane person) in court


“We feel the judge and prosecutors did not protect us as witnesses. We feel insecure and uneasy, so we have asked for LBH protection LBH to continue our objections,” said Yora.

LBH Bandung’s Nur Alamsah said a report on those judges and prosecutors would be sent to the Commission on Judicial and Prosecutorial Commission.
“We have video evidence of the hearing. It’s clearly visible in the video that judges and prosecutors are influenced by the demands of the mob.”

So why doesn’t the judge throw the disruptive and abusive swine out of his court? Why does he not allow the Ahmadis to take their oath the same as anyone else?

Nevertheless, on this Muslim public holiday, it’s worth noting that Nur is almost certainly a Muslim, like most of the brave NGO people here who resist Islamist injustice. Unlike the FPI and the MUI, they bring credit to their creed.