IslamoNazis Clash With Cops – Not Entirely Bad News!

A mob of IslamoNazi vandals brawled with police in Medan, Sumatra, on Friday, an event which is not entirely deplorable.


Because the more that ordinary police officers here have reason to doubt the wisdom of their senior officers constant flirtations with jihadist hoodlums, the better.


pranyoto Pranyoto


That bizarre mentality was on dislay in Medan too, with a local commander, Pranyoto, ordering his men, who were facing a determined assault by white-shirt louts, to be ‘patient, not brutal.’

The specific incident was the demolition of a mosque behind a hotel, the latter thus incurring the enmity of fanatics galore.


emerald Fanatics Fired with Indignation?


A trivial issue to run amok over, but that’s the nature of the beast. The background details are quite boring, but I give you a link to an English-language report on the situation.

Strangely, or perhaps not, given the Jakarta Post’s position as part of the Gramedia business empire, which distinguished itself last year by its disgusting book-burning appeasement of Jakarta’s bigot brigade, the JP failed to report the above quote, but showed a more thorough commitment to covering the story,
So why a whiff of schadenfreude on RRA? One sympathises with the rank and file cops. They were up against a rabid rabble, yet their commander tells them not to over-do it!
A good sorting out is exactly what the FUI (who sponsored the mob riot, and the FPI, need.
They are both a blot on Indonesia’s good name, and indeed bring discredit to the Muslim religion time and again.
Yet look at how the senior ranks behave.
When a bunch of kids were left uncared for, police invited two of the most extreme Islamist bodies, FPI and the infamous Hizbut Tahrir, to assume responsibility for their tutleage.
When the current National Police Chief took office, one of his first acts was to look for an IslamoNazi input into maintaining security in the streets.
pradopo murhali    He can be seen here in hearty embrace with a notorious sometime jail-bird, FPI Bekasi Gauleiter Barda. 
Time and again, police have refused to enforce high court rulings that protect Christian rights, effectively allying themselves with Islamist undesirables.
One day, some Indonesian president will decided the country needs to start promoting cops who will care about the law and will act against the primitives.
Until that day dawns, occasions like yesterday, when ordinary uniformed constables come face to face with the self-righteous savages of FUI and FPI, may serve to make them think about what kind of leadership they’re getting, when, confronted by nasty thugs, they’re ordered to be ‘patient, not brutal.’,