UKIP Fights EUSSR Commissars’ Bid to ‘Fix’ Party Funding


Good to read in the Guardian on Sunday that UKIP is once more squaring up the the Brussels Commissars, this time on an outrageous discriminatory scheme to deny funding to partites that don;t fit the left-lib dogmas espused by the EUSSR.

UKIP’s leader, MEP Nigel Farage, whose members don’t sit with the rightwing bloc in the Strasbourg ‘parliament,’ is nevertheless showing a principled commitment to fair play.

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  • He’s instructing his members there to stand aloof from moves that would allow EU funds to flow freely to all manner of pinko parties but deny the same privilege to the Alliance of European National Movements.

The Guardian rhymes off a roll-call of nationalist movements that no doubt send a chill down the spines of the multicultist mafia – the British National party, Hungary’s neo-fascist Jobbik party, Bulgaria’s far-right National Democratic party and the Front National in France.

These guys are what I’d say were ‘hard-right,’ but they are there because millions of European tax-payers voted for them. It is thus the height of arrogance, and contempt for democracy, for the pinkos to launch a petition among MEPs that could halt the funding.

Huh? In principle, i have some doubts about using any tax money for any party, but if grotesque fanatics lke the Greens are going to get it, so should every group given sufficient electoral support to have representatives in there. Since when has approval by pinkos been a pre-requisite for getting a fair share?

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP spokesman was quite right to denounce this nonsense.“We consider that this proposal is both dangerous and undemocratic.”  It’s typically snide and biased of the Guardian scribbler to bring in the fact that Bloom was once ejected from the European parliament after directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague. As if he were some sort of Nazi sympathiser, when it was obvious when he did so, and is obvious now, that he was deliberately insulting the German by using a gesture he (Bloom) despised.

But listen to the unelected ignoramus the Guardian sees fit to quote.

Nick Lowles of anti-racism group Hope Not Hate said: “It’s bad enough that almost £400,000 of taxpayers’ money is going to line the election war chest of Nick Griffin and his extremist chums. But what really sticks in the throat is that Nigel Farage and his party are prepared to sit back and let this happen.

So Griffin’s voters are Madagascans? Or Kazakhs? No, they are British tax-payers, and why should their money go to some leftist/liberal/know-nothing clique instead of to the party they voted for? Lousy Lowles thinks so.

“Ukip claim to be standing up for the British taxpayer, but in reality they seem happier standing up for Europe’s peddlers of hate.”

Given his agitprop gang’s record of inciting trouble in the streets, he’s one to talk. But he has eager listeners in the corridors of power, where last year the Commissars announced new rules for the funding of pan-European political parties to ensure that EU money was only given to parties that observe the values of the EU, “namely respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality.”

In other words, agree with our ultra left-lib ideology or be starved of cash that would otherwise be yours! These same Commissars never showed the slightest unease when they had (ex?) Communists (Barroso, Mandelson, etc.etc.) sitting in their ranks, aficionados of a creed responsible for more innocent deaths than any ‘far-right’ party. The EUSSR loathes democracy, has time and again abhorred referenda, and has no ‘values’ worthy of the name. They detest the traditional European values which under-pinned Christendom.


The pinko petition needs 189 MEPs to secure the Commissars’ scrutiny of the cash, and at the moment, they have 175. No doubt they’ll get the extra anti-democratic dozen or so they need, and then we can watch Brussels abuse the democratic process once more.