Whitaker Chambers – A Hero Insufficiently Honoured

Whittaker Chambers, 1901-1961


An interesting article, about a hero who should be celebrated as much as Paul Revere in every American school, appears in a recent issue of PJ Media.

Just as Revere lives in history for warning that ‘the British are coming,’ so too should Whitaker Chambers be honoured for telling his fellow-citizens that the Soviets had already arrived, not in red coats or even with snow on their boots, but in the form of slimy swine like Alger Hiss, home-grown haters of liberty who were eager to collaborate in the destruction of their country.


AlgerHiss Hiss Perjures Himself


Hiss, a truly satanic figure, was at Roosevelt’s right hand when that President signed away the freedom of a belt of brave countries at Yalta.

A smooth scion of the East Coast Establishment, he was lionised by the Left in the USA, even during his trial and conviction for lying about his service to the enemy.

Chambers, in contrast, was anything but smooth, a rumpled, unprepossessing fellow, who nevertheless had the basic integrity to recognise his folly and then work hard to expose the conspiracy he’d toiled for.

Witness,  Whittaker Chambers’ book, was published almost exactly sixty years ago, but it has resonance today, in my view, not only because of Obama’s marxist background, but even more because of the eerie similarities between the CPUSA’s advancement of theSoviet threat then, and today’s CAIR infiltration of the Establishment, promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, just as inimical to freedom as communism (as Egyptians are learning, even as we write!)






Not only are major segments of the American elite in denial, if not in cahoots, but the same dirty tactics are in use against patriots, smear words like ‘red-baiting’ and ‘McCarthyism’ bandied about in the Fities, the idiotic ‘Islamophobia’ today.

McCarthy and Cahmbers have long since been vindicated despite the vilification directed at them. One hopes that future generations in the USA will also come to understand how valiant are the foes today of the latest enemy within.