Ahmadiyah – ‘The Real Picture of Islam?’

It’s not often I use Fijian media as a source, but while doing a spot of skimming/surfing tonight, I found a wonderful antidote to certain readers’ inability to distinguish between good guys and bad guys.

Their opinions truly grieve me.

When I post on the wickedness inflicted on the Ahmadiyah innocents here, sometimes I get comments saying – in considerably harsher terms – ‘a plague on all those Muslims.’




Ahmadis, of course consider themselves as good a Muslim community as any, and while I won’t start arguing theology, they are without doubt as good citizens as anyone, whether here in Indonesia, or Canada, or Britain – and also, it appears, in Fiji.

Hence the headline in the Fiji Times.http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=224076 which I’ve adapted as the title of this post!