‘I Wasn’t Naked!’ PSK? – PKS Skandal Terus!



Just watching a discussion on TVone, a PKS geezer named Abdul Hakim, who seems to be spending much of the debate with a huge, entirely inappropriate grin on his bearded face. They’re talking about the corruption scandal in which his party is mired, and one might expect a serious, if not downright horrified expression, but no. Words like ‘Zionist’ and ‘conspiracy’ are bandied about.

This PKS scandal just gets to be more and more fun!




First we had the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ style party’s leader quitting, after his arrest on bribery charges. Then we had news of a ‘raid’ in the dead posh Le Meridien Hotel, by the Anti-Corruption Commission, which netted not only a significant political figure, but also, so the arresters said, a naked girl.


Her name’s Maharani Suciyono, and apparently you can find her on Facebook (you can – I wish I could, but I can’t, because the FB Geekstapo is still censoring me!j

But now pretty Rani is protesting vociferously that-

A she wasn’t naked,


B she wasn’t even in a hotel room, just one of the dining areas.

She’s a yummy enough dish, to be sure, but let’s look at the Trubunnews report more closely.

Maharani Suciyono (19) the woman arrested by the KPK with a man named Ahmad Fathanah, in relation to the bribery case, pleaded that she was not naked in a hotel room during the raid. She and Ahmad were alone in the Le Meridien cafe.


Rani said the KPK officials did arrive at the hotel unexpectedly. According to the Commission, when  investigators carried out the raid, they were alone in a hotel room in a state of undress. But in Rani’s version,  they were in the restaurant.

Rani pointed out that one of the officers had told her the Commission already knew that she had nothing to do with the alleged bribery case involving beef imports….Rani was transported to the Commission, even so, but was released Thursday morning.

“He (Ahmad) claimed he was an entrepreneur…I was shown money, something like Rp 10 million, I was surprised. Then I asked if the money was genuine or fake?”



I feel sorry for Rani. Whatever the story, she has been splashed across the media here, yet almost certainly has not the tiniest role in the PKS scandal.

And according to another report, she’s been kicked out of her college because the admin think she’s a hooker, which, in Indonesian, by happy coincidence, is not PKS but PSK (pekerja seks komersial – commercial sex worker).

But the girl’s not been charged with prostitution – do these uni bureaucrats not believe in a fair hearing?

And plenty of sutdents here behave abominably, yet go un-expelled. I recall a moron in one university years ago who attacked some sane students protesting against Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist outrages. I’m betting he wasn’t expelled.


anis-matta Osama’s big fan, Anis Matta


And speaking of Bin Laden, how can the PKS expect to win back confidence when they appoint that late and unlamented pig’s big fan, Anis Matta, as their replacement Chair?

But what can you expect from a party that wants to introduce shariah law?