Letts Not Bow Down to Brussels!

Disturbing reports coming out of Latvia, one of those little Baltic republics consigned to red serfdom when Hitler and Stalin divvied up the area in the first half of the last century.


latvia-on-map-EU Latvia – On the Edge


It seems the political establishment aims to ride rough-shod over popular opinion by joining the Eurozone’next year, despite polls showing little public enthusiasm to adopt the euro.

An AFP item reproduced in the Jakarta Globe tells us that  few Latvians support the euro switch, as they worry it could bring more hardship to the nation of two million people that is still recovering from the world’s deepest recession in 2008-9,..

Obviously. Why would they?.The Baltic states, more than most, have learned from horrific experience what a USSR means for its subject nations.




But despite their electorate’s abhorrence of Euromania, the in-crowd won’t listen to vox pop, preferring the siren songs emanating from Brussels, which has used the economic crises in Greece and then in Italy to impose its own satraps in place of democratically chosen governments, defying calls for referenda to ratify these countries’ new status as protectorates of the EUSSR Commissars..



“We are the third poorest country in Europe.. Our pensioners will have to support Greek pensioners whose pensions are three times larger than theirs,” Iveta Grigule of the opposition ZZS party told lawmakers.

The report quotes a DNB Bank poll,  with a mere eight percent of Latvians ready to run the risk, some 42 percent optng to wait and see, and a study 41 percent utterly against the loss of ecnomic soveriegnty involved.

It looks like the Riga Government is a mirror-image of Snake Cameron, at least in its refusal to give citizens a say.

What is it with elites, that they despise their own people’s sound instincts?