NasDem Implosion – Reaping What You Sow!l

Up to 5,000 cadres of the West Java chapter of the National Democratic Party have resigned, dealing another blow to the party which is already suffering from a leadership rift.

suryo palehPaleh


Although this latest news is again not directly related by the media to the thuggery at NasDem HQ last month, when a demo in support of a lady journo fired from NasDem kingpin Suryo Paleh’s Metro TV was attacked by hired goons, that incident has been followed by a series of bad news for the party which Paleh had hoped would propel him to power in the 2014 elections.


I could talk about reaping what you sow, given that people will naturally want to distance themsleves from a party whose head office appears, at least when protests are held outside its doors, to be teeming with hoodlums.

But instead I’ll just look forward to the gradual cessation of the tiresome Metro duty of giving totally undeserved prominence to every public appearance by its multi-millionaire owner.

They might then try to earn a reputation as a professional media organisation, instead of a bully pulpit for a plutocrat.